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I'm using Essential Thread for the first time. I love the feel and strength of it, but, and there seems to always be one, I hand sew and I'm having a bit of trouble with the thread knotting. I have tried putting the knot on different ends, using different needles, but it still seems to give me trouble. I wonder if anyone is having this problem or has found a way to help me with it. Thanks so much.
Yes it does seem to knot a bit and you need to use short lengths of thread or it will tend to break where it was folded in the needle. I just wet my fingers and slide it down the thread and that helps with the knots
I bought some Essential Thread from CT for the first time last month. I am very pleased with it. I was having problems with invisible thread for my machine quilting so I decided to trash it and buy myself some good thread that would not frustrate me. I have not quilted with it yet but I am using it now to make the Geese in the Posie Patch table runner. I have more colors on my wish list for me next CT order!
Does anybody know which thread colors were included in the old "Dusty" thread set? I have been ordering a set at a time, trying to accumulate them all, and then the colors switched, so now I'm not positive which threads I have and which I still need.
Hey there Melissa. Yes, the Dusty set includes:
Set includes:
Turkey Red
Dusty Rose
Blue Moon
Slate Blue
Dark Honey

Item No. 21008

Please let me know if you have any other questions! Now is a great time to buy thread, some of them are "last chance!" http://www.connectingthreads.com/threads/Essential_Cotton_Quilting_...
Does anyone know why CT does not carry the Varigated thread anymore?  I love this thread and was going to order more back in December when I realized it was no longer available.

I just got my Pfaff 7570 out of the shop for a tension problem related to "fuzz ball" accumulation. I want to avoid as much of thus as I can in the future so am looking for a good thread substitute for the not so great  Coats & Clark offerings. Has anyone had experience with the Essential thread from CT in this model Pfaff?

I use CT thread almost exclusively, although I have a Janome 6600. It is pretty lint-y, but I haven't had any problems since I got in the habit of frequent cleanings. Whenever I start a project, I wind 2 bobbins. When the bobbins are used up, I know it is time to clean and replace my needle. It's amazing how much simpler life has been since I started doing it! :^}
Thanks Kit for your suggestion. I'll give it a go and will start using the Essential Threads too. I have some Mettler and Guterman in my leftover stash from heirloom sewing days so will use them up in the meantime. Karen
I just recieved another order of your great essential threads . I got the Blacks & whites this time . I love this thread . Plan on ordering some more
I think Essential thread is just wonderful cant but in New Zealand so a friend sends it to me.The colours are wonderful but i just aks her to keep me up with black, white, cream and grey

I was tired of only having the Gutterman thread to quilt with because it kept breaking or fraying when I was quilting.  It was okay for piecing but the quilting was murder on the thread.  I couldn't find any other alternatives until I found your catalogue.  I ordered a small spool on a whim with other things and when I used it, I was amazed at the quality of the thread!  I normally would have had to stop and start so many times because of the Gutterman breaking that I was shocked that I only had to stop to change the bobbin in the machine!  I use a lot of white in piecing so I went ahead and ordered several cones of the white, as well as the ecru and I have never looked back.  When doing an Amish-style quilt with black background, I didn't hesitate to order a black spool.  I am sooooo pleased at the quality, the price, and the colours available.  Literally every colour of the rainbow!  And did I mention the price????  The largest spools we could get of the Gutterman was 800 meters (876 yards) at about $8.95 Canadian to 1200 yards for $2.49.  Even with ordering in the US, it still is more economical for me.  I have some complete sets and when some colours were being discontinued, I ordered all the ones I didn't have.  I like the tips I've been reading about the colour numbers but it would be great if they could be printed on the spool somehow.  Thanks for a great product and I am telling all my friends about it!


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