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I was given some CT fabric ans was surprised with the excellent quality. It sews up so nicely. I plan to start buying it.
I was glad to see your comment on the CT fabric. I love the prints but wasn't sure of the quality. I'm always looking for a good bargin and plan on giving it a try. Thank You
I love the idea of connecting Threads fabric, USA made and all, but I like bright young colors and light cottage colors, the only lights are the 30's and 40's prints. May I suggest some cottage prints and some more lights and solids maybe with a romance feel, or summer porch feel. I also don't see any light tone on tones or whites or white backed florals. These are my tastes, don't think theres anything wrong with sharing this. I am big on white quilts.
I love the fabric, but I wish CT carried a more diverse array. In another discussion post there have been calls for batiks and panels (ahem). What are the future plans for the fabric line? Any chance of broadening the array offerings?
We are a really small company and can only do about 10 lines a year so we are working on broadening our look but are taking baby steps! Batiks are probably a ways off although I have offered many times to go to Bali and investigate - this technique is a little above us for the time being. Also our goal is not to have to raise our prices and batiks are generally higher prices because of the printing method. Possibly we could try batik like in the future but again we are just learning all there is to printing fabrics. Panels are also something I have seen asked for and am investigating but again I have to make sure that I can do it well and at our $5.96 a yard price. I do appreciate the suggestions and am definitely keeping a list of what people are asking for.
I agree. I have just purchased for the first time and look forward to trying. the price is nice, but i am more so choosing for the made in USA factor. It will be fun to grow with you. Keep up the good work.
I, too, love your fabrics and your prices! Thank you and keep up the good work! I just finished my iron caddy pad. So nice! Love the flannelettes and can't wait to try the new line of wide cottons!
Batiks in latest catalog are beautiful
Hi, I'm brand new to this site...just loved reading all the emails and interesting things all of you are doing on this site. I have used CT products off and on for several years...living in Hawaii on the small island of Kauai we do not have lots of quilting fabric stores and I just loved the catalogs with CT kits and special buys....the quality is quite good....I am not a fanatic about my quilting projects...as long as I enjoy making them, quilting with my friends and having nice "visits" ..oh, and finishing my projects.....that's what I look forward to. I am retired now, with only social security so not able to buy as I did in the past......but, I have LOTS AND LOTS of fabric and patterns I saved for this time in my life. I live in Salt Lake, Utah now ....would like to visit with any one from this area...but would also enjoy visiting with YOU....wherever you live! Carol V.
I just received my first fabric order (two kits and an package of ft qtrs). I love the size of the ft qtrs. My past experience with ordering ft qtrs or even buying them from a fabric store has not been very happy. CT is true to the quoted size and the quality is great. Thank you. I immediately cut out one of the kits and am ready to sew happily, grin.
Wow, I just got my order of CT fabric in the mail today...and I am very impressed with it. It is soft, thick, and the colors are wonderful! Excellent quality for the price. I don't plan on shopping anywhere else...
Can I purchase FQs of individual fabrics?


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