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I'm so sorry Anna, because we hadn't started the EQ6 downloads back then, those files are no longer available for us to create the files. I wish, because I have a ton of Cottage Blossoms I need to make something with!

Had a bit of a mishap and need to find some of the 'tossed pattern' in orange from the Momma's Cottons 2 collection. I need a minimum of 2 yards, but preferably double that.

This is for a quilt I was in the middle of making when the center piece got ruined so if anyone has that fabric and is willing to sell it, please let me know.

Thanks so mush.

I was just looking at the new fabric. Very happy ☺ to see that you have added a line of solids and tonals/Mirage.
I am also very happy ☺☺ to hear that they will be available for more than just a season (at least I hope that is correct).
I am interested in getting a charm square of each of the Solid Colors and the Mirage Colors, so I can have them on hand to see what colors they are in person (sometimes my computer color graphic and reality are not the same). That way, I can determine which ones will go with a project and can order yardage for it.

Anyway, the only way I saw to do this was to purchase about 7 different charm packs (Muted Mirage, Jewel Mirage, Dark Solids, Light Solids, Bold Solids, Warm Solids, and Cool Solids), which would mean I would wind up with more than one charm square of each color. Did I miss something, or is there a way to purchase a charm pack that contains one each of the 57 solids and a charm pack that contains one each of the 40 Mirage colors?
Hi Cat Lady - I'm sorry, you're right. At the moment, to get one of everything, you'd have to purchase the samplers you listed, and yes, you'll end up with duplicates. However we will fix it very soon! There are more solids in route, and we're obviously behind in cutting our charms and samplers. As soon as we're caught up and all the colors have arrived, Melissa will add samplers in all of the various cuts that will allow you to get one of each with no duplication.
Thanks Karen, I will be looking for Melissa's messages.
That sounds great. It would be good to have samplers so we can match colors. Thank you.
Wow, I say, Wow!
I love the new lines of fabrics! Beautiful batiks - that didn't take long, now did it and the price is right! Quality is a first priority and I love the quality of the fabrics at Connecting Threads! I use your thread - I order it by the box full - my hubby thinks that's funny - but I always have just the right colors!

The new look on the website and the new lines are awesome! What a growth spurt!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the Batiks!!! Nice job CT! I was one of those who asked for them, and am very pleasantly surprised they have arrived!! I just can't say enough good about your fabric, kits and company. Even when I had a small issue with an order, you gals really took care of it. We do not have a local quilt shop, so am thrilled to have access to such quality product. Keep up the great work!! Now if I only had the time to sew......
I love the new solids and Mirage colors and I sure hope you will be adding them to your download for EQ I have ordered already and am in the process of making a quilt for my grandson and would really like to not have to download each individual color. Thanks and thank you so much for the solids, they are great!!
Hi spudgrandma - yes, we'll be adding the solids and mirage to our eq page next month. We have more fabrics to launch in the Quilter's Candy collection and we'll provide the EQ files as soon as we have everything. So glad you like the solids!
I noticed in the catalog that you are going to have Quilters Candy prints available in the fall. Any idea when? There are a couple of quilts I want to buy fabric for (Tokyo Subway Map and Paintbox from the Oh Fransson blog are two) that I would LOVE to make with CT fabrics.
The newest Quilters Candy will be in our October catalog that is in homes approx 9/19. They'll be on the website at least a few days before that, but I don't have an exact date for web launch.


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