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Thanks Karen! I'll be looking forward to that!
Just a quick question - are solid precuts on the agenda? For example, all white charm packs? I could see it being too much for every colour. However, I was wondering if it would be considered for the basics (black, cream, white, etc)? Just curious. Thanks
Hi LT,
I'm sorry, we don't have plans for all one color or limited basics at this point.
I'd like to throw in a request for this type of assortment also.  It would be great to be able to buy the precuts in all one solid or basic color.  Even if it's just whites, black, maybe a navy blue and red for accent colors.  There are so many patterns out there that use the precut strips that also require you to cut an equal (or at least a LOT) of 2-1/2 background or accent color strips.  I can see where this would also be great for charms since you wouldn't have to cut dozens and dozens of 5" background squares for HST or hourglass blocks.  When I put in a request for this through the CT website they suggested I come here and see if there's enough interest before they'd consider it.  Does anyone else think this would be a really good thing? Come on board! 
You're way ahead of me . . . and I'm not surprised. I had this "great idea" to suggest that you list coordinating solids/mirage fabrics with your print lines (the way you list coordinating thread). But when I double-checked, I saw you've already done this with your newest "Winter Fun" line. If you're able to continue this, it will be very helpful. Thanks!
Hi Lindsey, we do plan to make the coordinating fabrics suggestions on all collections in the future. We planned the solids/mirage and even more Quilter's Candy fabrics (coming very soon), to coordinate closely with most of our future groups. What a great suggestion that would have been! LOL
I just received my first purchase from Connecting Threads and am very happy with it! I took advantage of the Cyber Monday sale and bought several solid fat quarter samplers plus lots of other goodies. I just posted about it on my blog and have pictures too. I'm not sure how to add photos here.


I've received some CT fabric that was really very nice but I've also received some that was so thin I wouldn't use it for a quilt.  Some others in my quilting group have mentioned this also.  Does anyone have any info on this problem?  My first three orders were fine.  My 4th order - and wouldn't you know a really large one - was terrible.  Now, I am a fraid to order.  Any info would be welcome.



Rosemary, please call us about your problem @ 1.800.574.6454. We will try and help you!

CT Admin.

I purchased some of your charm packs so I could see what the colors are since it is sometimes hard to tell from the catalog photos and the computer screen.  I decided on a couple of the batiks and Mirage colors and ordered what I thought matched the pictures.  When the fabrics arrived, I discovered two of them were not what I thought I had ordered.

Suggestion, have you ever thought of offering a "color card" that has a swatch of the actual fabric and the name/code for at least your basic lines, e.g Quilter's Candy Basics, especially the solids and the Mirage colors.

I agree with the suggestion for a color card.  Even though I've purchased several of the sets of solids, if I were to want to order one in bulk for a quilt, I'd have no way of knowing which color I'm actually looking at. 
i have bought CT fabric for awhile now, I love it. at first I wasn't happy with the colors but now even that is greatly improved.  please keep the lines coming.  When I go to my local quilt shops the fabric is spread out all over the shop.  At CT everything is together so I always have the coordinated fabrics to put a quilt together and all the matching is done for me at great prices.


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