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Line I'd like to see:  muted light homespuns, similar to what Y. Saito uses for her quilt and applique work.  These are hard to find.  Don't have to be homespun necessarily, but something soft with tans, blues, mauves, muted greens, etc.  See Saito's books and you'll know what i mean.

Solids going down in quality?  Or is it my imagination.  I just got some solids in and I notices that the thread count or the thickness of the threads in the fabric doesn't seem to be the same as before?  Only thing I know is, when I cut it up for binding for a quilt, it unraveled really easily!  I've got threads all over the place with this stuff.

I'm concerned that something has changed with their line.  Their prints that I bought were kinda thin this time, too; as if too much space between the warp and weave.  Maybe not a change in count so much as quality of the threads.

Is it my imagination??

Concerned!  Don't want to lose CT as a source.  


I hope I can get help on this one...I bought several strip rolls of CT's Emily's Pumpkin harvest fabric and I have started making a quilt with them just now.  I need coordinating fabrics for the borders preferably brown/tan and also for the backing.  Which of the current fabric collections would you recommend that will closely match this? (this line must have been early 2011-2012).


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