Quilt With Us

First i am thinking of you all on the east coast of USA. It must be so dreadful for you all and for those with friends and family there.


Not been here for some time, had big trouble with my eyes, went to see about new glasses to hear man say "did you drive here" when i said no he said well good job because you would not be driving home tonight.!!!!!!!    No new glasses he filled in form which went to Dr. i had really bad cataracts was it any wonder i couldnt see.   Dr sent form away and i had tests at Hospital and three weeks later got phone call from Christchurch our nearest city with date to be over there for cat. removal. Got one eye done and for weeks lived in a fog then had the other eye done 3 weeks ago. Now i can see !!!!!!!! yah have glasses for handwork etc.  Had to travel on bus to ChCh takes 4 hours over the Alpine Pass and stay 2 nights in Motel. I was REALLY lucky as last time the week before i went the Pass was closed with snow and Christchurch had big snow fall, then the week after my op. same thing happened.


Perhaps some of you know about the dreadful earthquakes Christchurch had the city is a mess so much closed down and lost there was a really bad shake at night the first time i went.It will be years before the city is fixed up again.


Happy stiching to all, and i pray all those in the east keep safe, Pat in New Zealand

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