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I am a "hand quilter only" and would like to meet others who feel the way I do about this seemingly lost art. I've been quilting for nearly 30 years, and while I love what machine quilting can accomplish, I just am passionate about hand quilting. Call me crazy. I live in rural upstate NY.

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What kind of camera do you have?
Hello everybody,

I am a handquilter, too, and I was really surprised when I came to the USA on holiday some years ago (I live in Munich, Germany) and found it really difficult to buy stencils for handquilting in American quilt shops. Not that I had any real need for even more stencils, but I had set my mind (and heart) on feathered borders... ;-) The first place I actually found these stencils was in an Amish area.

I have the impression that handquilting gets something of a revival in the quilting circles I move in over here. A friend launched her own web shop in the beginning of this year specializing in whole cloth kits and she is already doing good business. It seems that many embroiderers without any inclination for piecing like the idea of handquilting.

Greetings from Europe

Hi Jutta,
It was so good to hear from a sister quilter in Germany. The longer I am at this, the more I realize this is not an isolated interest - we have this common love of quilting all over the world. Now how can we translate that into world peace?

You mentioned not being able to find quilting stencils. I think that quilt shops and fabric stores probably don't want a big variety of stencils on hand as inventory. But I actually went on-line several years ago, and found a place called The Stencil Company. I downloaded their catalog and have ordered several stencils from them that are of very good quality and I've been pleased to be able to do that. I do custom hand quilting for hire, and also a fair amount of quilting for myself and family.

I believe you are right about quilting revivals. I began quilting in the 70's and everyone was getting into it. I stayed at it but many of my friends did not. Now I have many friends who are re-discovering quilting or finding it for a first time.

Thanks for contacting us. Isn't it wonderful to realize that no matter where we travel, someone is quilting. Joyce
Hi Jutta and Joyce,

I think Joyce is right about why shops don't carry more stencils, the space they take, and not being aware of the systems and programs stencil companies have for displaying stencils. I design stencils for Quilting Creations International (QCI) and they have several space saving options for shops and I am sure the other major companies do also. QCI also has a complete online site.

Laura in Odessa
I feel the same way!   I am totallly dedicated to hand quilting.    I have only been quilting about ten years .   I am new to this board but will enjoy hearing about others projects and gaining knowledge about hand quilting.
There is a group here that is made up of those of us who still prefer to hand quilt our creations.  It is called "Around the Quilt Frame: Hand Quilters.  You can get to the group by clicking here.  I invite you to join us.

Hi Joyce my name is Jody and I am afraid to say it but I am a longarm quilter. Before everyone boos me off the page. I wanted to tell you that I love hand pieced and quilted and hand applique and when I first started hand quilting is what drew me to quilting and before I got my machine I took a hand quilting class. The teacher taught using the Aunt Becky's underneath and rocking your needle. No matter how much I worked at it I could not get my wrist to bend up at the right angle to do this it may be that having 2 wrist surgeries has mad it impossible for me to do that way. I just recently had my aunt show me that she does one stitch at a time. She does beautiful work. I have a lap hoop and a early 1900's bow tie quilt top I bought the bow tie blocks on ebay I had to do some work with straightening them up and I found so period reproduction fabric and added alternate blocks and I hand pieced them like the bow tie blocks and I want to keep with the hand work so I want to hand quilt it. Because I spend my day standing quilting other peoples quilts I enjoy sitting and stepping back in time and doing hand projects. I admire and respect the work of hand quilters it doesn't compare to machine quilting. If only we could all take a more peaceful approach to life. The world would be a better place. I hope I can continue to post here on my eventual progress on my next attempt at hand quilting. I actually have been invited by a group of hand quilters that meet an hour away, They meet once a week. I just might have to do that after the first of the year.


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