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I knew if there was a place to go for references, this would be the place.

You see I have been teaching a friend how to quilt. She did have basic experience sewing and she owns an older sewing machine. She thought hers would be fine until...

...she was over at my house and sewed on one of my Berninas. Needless to say it didn't take her long to see the difference between night and day.

She'd like to purchase a machine and she's pretty much decided on a Bernina. With the economy being what it is she would like to buy a previously owned machine.

My question for yall is this: Have any of you bought a sewing machines through eBay and if so what was your experience like; what condition was the machine in; did you get a good price; were there any problems and would you buy another sewing machine at eBay?

Thanks for your answers,

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Hi Bev,

I've never purchased a sewing machine on Ebay, but I have gotten a quilt frame and lots of fabric. However, after my last experience of purchasing two cell phones from two different sellers, neither of which worked once they arrived, I am rather leery of buying anything electronic after that. Thankfully, I had payed for both phones through PayPal, so was able to get my money back. I would definitely check the feedback rating for any seller before bidding. Also, watch the shipping charges, some sellers price their items low and then make up the difference in exorbitant shipping fees. Hope this is helpful.
Thanks Pat! I know sometimes it can be an "ify" risk. DH and I have used eBay over the years and have learn to watch out for those shipping charges and feedback ratings. I'll be sure to school her with that advice :)
Yes I biught a brothers embrodery machine from EBAY and I'love it it came in a new box and works excelate Stella
Thanks Stella, I'll pass that info along to my friend. BTW, she a Realtor, too. :)
The dealer I bought my Pfaff from three years ago had a very large inventory of pre-owned machines. The dealer services any machine he sells, even the used ones. There were several well known brand names of machines and sergers too. Maybe your friend should consider going through an established regional dealership instead of e-bay. She could save on shipping and test drive the machine before she paid for it.

She has talked to the local Bernina dealer and they've put her on the list for a pre-owned machine. They have a sewing class at the end of the month and said they usually have some trade-ins. We were just wondering just in case no one is interested in trading-in given the current economy.

Surely, though a dealer would service a machine any owner brought in (given it's his brand) that needed repairs or normal service. I mean that only seems like good business. I bought one of my Berninas in Maine and one in Alabama...so far most Bernina dealer haven't had a problem servicing them regardless of the state I live in...
This dealer in Houston was selling Pfaff and Brother machines, but he services any machine he sells. The used machines in his store were many varied brands, including Bernina and I saw some Singers. He services the trade-ins before he sells them and will give a limited warranty if he sells a machine. I intend to buy a used serger from him this Summer in hopes of teaching my niece some sewing. I hope your friend doesn't have to wait too long before she gets a machine. PTL
LOL, me too, Rebecca! She's chomping at the bit to have her own Bernina...I can understand why, too :D

Another option is Craigslist.com. You search in the area where you live, so it is likely the person selling the machine lives near you. She could go (with you or another friend) and see it and sew on it before buying. In my area, sewing machine shops that have pre-owned machines frequently put them on the list in an effort to find buyers. Good luck!
Funny you should mention Craig's List. There was a spot on TV just this past week about people using it more often...even for bartering! That's the result of this economy we're in :/ Thanks for you reply, Bev
I bought a Bernina 640E on ebay, and am very pleased with it. The machine was used, but looks and works as if brand new. I got an excellent price on it, too!

On ebay, you can click on "Advanced Search" and then search for "Completed Listings" on the item you're thinking of buying; this will give you actual prices buyers recently paid for identical items.

I would caution you:

1. Check the seller's ratings and read the seller's feedback on their profile. Look for a reliable seller with many, many sales and excellent rating.

2. DO NOT buy from anyone with few ratings or bad ratings/feedback.

3. DO NOT buy from anyone who suggests that you contact them by e-mail for pricing or other information -- this is a fraudulent, scam procedure that pops up on ebay from time to time. Any correspondence should be handled through ebay's message system only.

4. Be sure you are clear on the shipping costs before bidding. If costs aren't listed, contact the seller (through ebay message) for shipping cost.

5. Be sure you know exactly what the stated condition of the machine is, and what specific accessories are included. You can look on berninausa.com for standard accessories that should go with a machine. Ask the seller any questions you think of *before* bidding.

Ebay gives buyers protection coverage on big-ticket items, but I don't know just how this process works. However, the purchase is going thru your credit card, so I suppose that if a problem should arise, you could question the charge with your credit card company.

I was very pleased with the machine I received, and would definitely buy another through ebay if I were looking for one.

Your friend should be made aware that Bernina does NOT extend their warranty to second buyers on machines. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser. This would apply to any previously owned Bernina, from what I've been told. However, this is the second Bernina I've owned; both have had heavy use and I have never had a moment's trouble from either.
Thanks! This is all very good information. I've used the advanced search option myself a few times, but as I mentioned never for something as large as a sewing machine. My friend will be glad to hear about your good outcome.



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