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I knew if there was a place to go for references, this would be the place.

You see I have been teaching a friend how to quilt. She did have basic experience sewing and she owns an older sewing machine. She thought hers would be fine until...

...she was over at my house and sewed on one of my Berninas. Needless to say it didn't take her long to see the difference between night and day.

She'd like to purchase a machine and she's pretty much decided on a Bernina. With the economy being what it is she would like to buy a previously owned machine.

My question for yall is this: Have any of you bought a sewing machines through eBay and if so what was your experience like; what condition was the machine in; did you get a good price; were there any problems and would you buy another sewing machine at eBay?

Thanks for your answers,

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Hi, I have purchased a used Bernia Artista 170E on e-bay about 4 years ago. Everything went fine. My machine and embroidery unit were shipped in large plastic tubs,that were sealed. No problems and everything worked great. The seller is bushvideo and he just has them occasional on e-bay. Hope this helps, Joan:)
Oh Joan, that's great to hear! Especially since she broke down and bought one Thursday evening while she was over here quilting. :) It hasn't arrived yet so cross your fingers for her it suppose to arrive Wed. I think!
Your friend might want to check with the local schools also, when they do upgrades they sometimes sell their machines to the public.
That's a great idea Janet! Thanks
Well, fellow quilters. My friend took the plunge and purchased a machine on eBay this past week. She's waiting for delivery as we speak. When she gets it I'll let yall know how it went for her.

Yes, I purchased a Bernina 165 from ebay. It was only used for one hour and most everything in the boxes had never even been opened. It works great but the bobbin winder didnt work. I purchased it and got it for a good deal I need to have it serviced. I got it for a backup as I love Berninas, I have a 630 e and just wanted it in case I needed it. I have it put away at the moment because I am out of room in my sewing room for having it set up. I have to go to Idaho for the nearest Bernina shop. So I am planning on taking it in the spring and getting it serviced and setting it up. It embroideries beautifully, and I was never upset with the puchase. I also found a women thru ebay that has a teddy bear business in Florida I purchased a singer 221 thru her on the computer and it is in excellent shape. As you can tell I am addicted to sewing machines.


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