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How many personal photos should be allowed on Quilt With Us?

We would like to know if we "CT admin" should limit "personal photos" like those of weddings, family, etc...some members think it would be a good idea. What are your thoughts? Chime in!

How many is too many?

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I thought we discussed this some time back, didn't we?  We all LOVE photos of the grandchildren and the adorable pets, but just don't overdo it.  It's not cool to dump your daughter's whole wedding album online -- I think we all know that; but the occasional photo is welcomed (at least by me).  I like to get to know the people who post on this site, and the now-and-then personal photo helps.

Well, apparently there have been some complaints, otherwise this subject wouldn't be an issue.  Personally, I notice the more we "limit" the sharing of our lives to just quilts, the fewer posts we get and the less enjoyable I find this site.  I sure enjoyed it more when the site was first up and running, and we just shared bits of our lives.  I've been more hesitant to post if I don't have something "quilty" to say or share, which is a little sad.  

Guess we'll need to make the connections and then switch to private e-mailing.  Will that hurt your business if there is less traffic on here?  Guess that's something you'll have to decide.  

PQ, I have always enjoyed your posts, and "talking" with you on my page.  I've missed you recently and hope nothing is wrong!  I love the ranch stories, and what would we do without Pam's hilarious insights into life in general? It shouldn't be all quilty all the time, should it?

Thanks, Carol Ann.  No problems, just busy.  I agree with you that this would never be the same without Pam.  Or you.  Or countless others who enrich my life here. 

I personally enjoy seeing all photos. We are not just quilters, but friends. I don't think anyone has abused the site. How can you be friends without sharing all aspects of your life. If, you restrict it to only quilting, you will lose this site.

I agree.  I think we've already lost some of what made the site special in the beginning.

You said it perfectly, Pam.

Thank you Pam. You make me chuckle and I love you for it!

i enjoy the photos for the most part, like new grandbabies, a wedding photo or 2, and other creative pix like BJ's masterpieces and other needle crafts, or beautiful scenic shots. sometimes on the slide show that is zooming by there are a lot of family pix. what about a discussion group for those wanting to upload a lot of personal pix? that way their friends could go to that site to view a whole album. as for a single shot of a new puppy or baby, they are the spice of life!! and some people post every block  they are working on instead of grouping them. this gets monotonous too IMHO.

Maybe the slide show could be adjusted to include only quilt photos.  It seems to me that when I post a picture in a blog post, it doesn't show up in the slide show or in "my photos."  I keep my personal photos in a blog post and only post quilt pictures to "my photos."  That way my non-quilty photos never show up in the slide show.  Maybe that's a possible solution.

You know, I never figured out how the slide show photos got there.  Any photo I posted was always attached to my blog, and never showed up on the slide show at all.  Also, they never got into "my photos", but I'll be the first to admit I'm somewhat "technologically impaired." 

I really don't think anyone has abused the photo space here.  I enjoy sharing life in pictures here.


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