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How many personal photos should be allowed on Quilt With Us?

We would like to know if we "CT admin" should limit "personal photos" like those of weddings, family, etc...some members think it would be a good idea. What are your thoughts? Chime in!

How many is too many?

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I enjoy the pictures, quilty and otherwise.  I guess I'm of the mindset "if it isn't of interest to you, skip over that blog, or fast forward through the slide show".  I have made some very good friends on this forum and all aspects of their lives are important to me.  Perhaps people could be encouraged to put "personal" pics in a blog post instead of in their My Photos section so they wouldn't appear in the slide show just as Prairie Quilter said, if folks are so bothered by them.  Then no one would see them unless they specifically wanted to.  But for me,  it's not a problem at all.

I for one feel this is where friends meet, just like we would around the table for chatter on life in general, good tips on quilting. Pam you brighten our day with little things that goes on in your life, like many others! I like hear about the ranch with prairie Quilter and I know I was pleased to share the photos of our twins.
I think if you limit it to just quilting you will lose people. I may not always post but I do like to read.

I agree Ally. 

What exactly do you mean by personal?  Today I was looking thru the photos. Could not believe how many pic of random non-quilty things I had to skip over!  I thought there is a problem here.......

I guess my main beef in looking through the slideshow was the non quilty pics. I agree something maybe in the way of filtering the slideshow would be good. I don't post much personal stuff because I am afraid I will get into 'trouble'.  I have 2 new DGD, and I really wanted to share. Ann, Prairie Quilter, BJ Elder, other regulars, some nights your posts are like a lifeline. I am up all hours, when things are tough, this site has helped more than I can convey. I don't want to lose that. Just ask Ann Johnson about the support we have given each other in the Mystery Quilt blog!  Knowing other quilters are out there with the same quilty questions, frustrations and passion has meant the world to me. I have no one else here I can connect to like that. How many others on QWU are like me?     Maybe limiting personal pics to blog posts will help streamline and keep the website from becoming too "cluttered".  No to learn how to post pics in a blog post........lol. 

One of my favorite photos on QWU is this one:


Another favorite is a photo Quilt Man took of his sewing machine with his glasses on the desk in front of the machine.

Oh, and I can't forget this one of Linda practically drowning in her pile of quilts:


All are personal photos of either the person or their work area; but they speak volumes about the character of the people involved.  To me, these photos are just as important and inspiring as photos of all the beautiful quilts and blocks.  

That's just my two cents worth.   

Every picture I add to "my pictures" somehow ends up in the main "all photos" album. Maybe I'm doing something wrong...because I don't always use my laptop, I usually send them from my iPhone or iPad. Not that I have posted a lot of personal pics. Mine are usually quilt related.

In the general comments area I am fine with pictures people share as it helps us get to know the person better and for so many here this is the main contact they have with other quilters.  As for the photo albums, if there was a way to not have to have the personal photos in the 'random' chosen pictures for the slide show on the QWU home page, then it wouldn't be an issue. I would love the slideshow to be only quilt pictures related.  

I enjoy the photos of all kinds. I hope it doesn't become a problem, because I would really miss seeing the "everyday" lives of our quilty friends! This is one of the reasons I chose to be a part of this group, because of the personal, helpful, fun people we have met (online, at least) here. I love seeing the new babies, the puppies, the weddings and of course the quilts!! Hope it doesn't end now...............

I am disappointed that the newer quilters don't seem to even put up a photo on their new page in the beginning. I like seeing to whom I am chatting with!


Security reasons are good reasons to NOT put faces on this site....photos of qulting/sewing but not faces.  Also, advertising & selling items should be on Craig's list or a similar site. 

I can't even believe that this is a question on here. Nobody forces anyone to look at their pictures as far as I know. I thought our page is ours to have fun with and show who we are and what makes us who we are. I hope I'm not forcing anyone to look at any of my pix.

I guess that I'm guilty of posting too many "personal photos".  I didn't realize that the photos all went into the slide show.  I'm an avid gardener and love flowers as well as my quilting.  I had posted pictures of my gardens and flowers that are in it.  I thought they would just be on my page.  Being new to the site I didn't know.  I took them all off.  Grandkids, pets, quilts or flower pictures are not a problem for me!


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