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Dear Jane Blocks

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Wow Janet, they look great ... but then I read your comments and that sounds scarry LOL. I'll sure you'll make it by the end of the year. What a beautiful accomplishment. I'm working on some Fair Isle LOL.
Well, I finally bought fabric for my sashing and scallops, and have been busy sewing all those strips to my blocks. Very tedious work! I got excited and joined the blocks in the rows, and then sewed the rows together so I could see what my DJ looks like. So here she is: Rows A-G.

oh, how beautiful! You've come a long way, baby!
It's so exciting to see your blocks put together, Janet. They look beautiful! You have done a fabulous job.
Here are my next six blocks: H-4, H-6, H-8, H-11, H-12, and I-8. I-8 was paper pieced. H-4, H-6, and H-8 were a combination of paper piecing and applique. H-12 was all applique. And H-11 was paper piecing with set in seams.
Janet (124, 0, 0, 2913)

They are spectacular, Janet. Each one in it's self is a master piece. Very good job!
Thank you, Susan. How is your Dear Jane coming along?
It's resting! LOL
Good answer! Don't let her sleep too long!

I wonder if anyone else is still working on their DJ, I'd love to see some pictures!
Thanks for much for posting pictures of your latest blocks. They are beautiful. Your set-in seams look great. Good for you! It's good to see your signature numbers increase.
Here's my latest crop of DJ blocks. Pictured are I-4, I-5, I-6, I-7, I-9, and I-12. For I-4, I appliqued the center square and paper pieced the outer sections, and then I pieced it together like a 9-patch. I-5 was ALL applique---and more applique! For I-6, I pieced
the center sections of the "star," and appliqued it to the background. Then I added the melons using needleturn applique. Look closely and one of the melons is almost perfect! I-7, I-9, and I-12 were all done using paper piecing. I added some seams to the outer borders of I-7 to avoid appliqueing those tiny triangles. I-9 is my favorite from this bunch, paper piecing done in one section! And I-12 is just a 9-patch with paper pieced sections. Janet (129, 0, 0, 3071)

Hey Janet, thanks for posting your beautiful blocks. You've inspired me to get back to my DJ, which I haven't touched since November, what with Christmas and all. Once I get back into it -- maybe this weekend -- I know I'll enjoy it.


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