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Dear Jane Blocks

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Yes, it does!  It's got you thinking about sewing anyway.

I started on one of the corners the other day.  The bottom right corner.  I chose that one because it's all paper piecing.  I've sewed two of the sections together, and that's it.

I blocked a shawl that I had knit, and that took almost all of my floor space.  So I couldn't do any sewing while it was drying.  It's dry now, and I've put the pics up on Ravelry.  Take a look.  I've knit five shawls since April.

To tell you the truth, I've done much more knitting this summer than sewing.  And, yes, I feel guilty about it!

What's your puppy's name, and what breed is he/she?

My corners.

Woo Hoo! They are beautiful!
Wow....you are really good!!!.....no Excellent!

LS Triangles. 

My final group of triangles!  225 blocks finished!  Now I've got to assemble the triangle border.  I sure hope everything fits together!  I'm going to miss sewing blocks and triangles.

They are beautiful, you have done such a great job.  You know you can always make another one.  LOL
Thank you! I really don't think another DJ is in my future.  There are just too many other quilts out there calling my name.  I think I have my work cut out for me for the next several weeks (months?) in assembling the triangle border.  After that I think SBS blocks will fit the bill!

Bravo  Janet


Thank you, Yolande!  How is your Dear Jane coming along? 



Hi Janet , I'll have  the whole next week to work on it . To finish some blocks and assemble  F, G, H to A-E. I have a lot of appliqué in row I and J . 

What sort of fabric will You use for you back ? Muslin or something else.

Mine may be burgundy. 

Have  a great day 



I thought about using muslin for my backing, but the ladies at my LQS talked me into something else.  They said, " after all that work on your Dear Jane, you want to use a quality fabric."  I have a picture of the fabric ( I need to see if I can find it).  It's a 108" wide backing, and the color tone matches my sashing fabric.  I love paisley! ♥♥♥

That 's the kind I 'd choose if in burgundy.

Tell me what brand is it , Thank you 

I did no alreadyt sew the block you made for me, as soon as I assemble row I I'll post a picture. 

Good evening


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