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Dear Jane Blocks

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Susan I love it. Now I don't feel quite so lonely! I have to admit that maybe my pride got in the way as I thought they would be wowed. Guess they showed me.
And that is why we join this on-line community. All my friends think I'm nuts too for doing DJ. There's not one person in my whole guild who is doing it. ARRGH! I'm so glad my sister told me about this website - and now I can meet other people who are fascinated by DJ like I am. We're in good company!
WOW! I think you win the prize for so many, so fast. They are all great!
Hey, Janet! It looks like you had a busy weekend! Keep up the good work; your blocks look great. Edna
DJ Block C-1

DJ Block D-6

DJ Block B-13

DJ Block D-7

DJ Block I-3

DJ Block J-4

DJ Block C-3

did you get any cooking, cleaning or sleep this weekend?? WOW. What's your signature??


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