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Dear Jane Blocks

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Wonderful blocks Janet! How did you do D-7 and I-3 ??
I'm trying to figure out if they are paper pieced?
Don't let Carmen deter you....I think she's still grumpy over the dirty spoon!!!
Carmen doesn't sleep much either. LOL :)
Yes, Anne, D-7 and I-3 were both paper pieced. I love paper piecing. It makes the blocks look so precise. Although my blocks look better in person than they do in the pictures. I think I'm better at quilting than I am at photography. It took me all morning and afternoon to take and post my pictures.
Janet (12,0,0,165)
DJ Blocks C-12, D-13, I-1, I-2, E-1, J-6

Thanks everyone for all the help with E-1. I couldn't have done it without your encouragement. Maybe I'll do another applique block this week.
Janet (18,0,0,282)
Hey Janet! Your finished E-1 looks great! I really like the little oak print, and I'm sure I have the same pink; it's from the Charleston collection, isn't it? Keep up the good work. It will all get easier, even the photography and posting. Edna
Hey Janet ... that's your first applique????? WOW Everything is in place!!! Great job, congratulations. No blood stains, either! I was so upset about you hurting yourself :( I love the mini flowers and the black/white contrast. All our quilts are going to look so pretty!
Here's another six.
DJ Blocks J-7, K-2, K-3, K-9, L-1, and L-4

WOW! You are really making progress! Signature, please!
Oh, Janet, they are so pretty. I love the way you kept the print in the same direction on L-4, and I like the heavy contrasts too, they make the little squares show up!
I ran out of pieced blocks and had to do some applique. Worked on my blocks for the first time in six days. Here are B-3, M-2, J-12,and B-2. Edna inspired me to think out of the box and B-3 is the result.
Janet (28,0,0,508)

Oh, I love that fabric on the basket! Edna is inspiring us all! I'm so stuck on B-2 LOL. I think I cut it too small but still want to do it with those fabrics and ... well... can't figure out how.
Janet, your B-3 is wonderful! That's a perfect combination. I love the little blue paisley on your B-2. Thats a perfect basket fabric. And I see fussy cutting on M-12. Keep up the good work! Edna


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