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Dear Jane Blocks

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And did you notice the vines growing up the poles? Perfect! They are lovely!
Here they are 3 applique and 3 pieced, B-1, E-2, E-10, A-1, A-2, and A-4.

WOW Janet. You are the Queen of Applique!! I love your Bachelor's Buttons. Don't forget your signature ... I forget mine all the time. LOL.
How lovely! I've been watching for A-1. I'm thrilled to see all of them. Good job! no, Great job!

I love your blocks, and your applique looks wonderful. How many is this now?

This is LeRoy.

What a wonderful furry friend to have!
You weren't supposed to see this. I was just practicing adding pictures. Now I'd better leave it or everyone will think my quilt blocks are furry. LOL
Not a bad picture of you either. I love my animals, don't know how people live without them. LOL You can remove them and my comments, if you want to. Just click on the little "x" in the right hand corner. I'd leave it, it is a great picture!
Janet, please don't remove it. You look great, and so does LeRoy. Furry blocks? Have we moved into chenille now??
Susan, do children count as animals?? We have had a couple of dogs throught the years, but when I had to put the last one to sleep two years ago it was so dreadful I don't want more for the moment. The city isn't the best place for them anyhow, so when we can retire and move out into the country, we'll get back to animals.
No, Carmen, kids are NOT animals, well,,,, maybe. I do understand about having to put them to sleep. It was terrible. So, when you move to the country, we will want pictures!
You are right, Susan, kids are not animals. Our labrador was always the first one at the door when I got home, wagging his tail like crazy, and never ever complained about anything, unlike my kids LOL. I miss him so much.


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