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Dear Jane Blocks

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I want to add a picture of the Aloha Quilt just so I can look at it.

Janet, now that I see it enlarged and look at it carefully ... I love you, but you are insane!! LOL.
Janet thank you for putting this on!
How did that snowflake (L-5) get into an Aloha quilt? The quilt is gorgeous, but no way. Edna
Another six Dear Jane blocks; 4 applique and 2 paper pieced. A-7, C-9, G-13, A-5, F-13, and A-9. I should have just appliqued a circle in the middle of G-13 instead of those tiny arcs. I used the magic circle method for the circles on F-13 and used a product called Solvy for the melons. A-9 is definitely the hardest block I've paper pieced. The center went together easily, but I had a lot of trouble estimating the size of the fabric patches for the outer strips.

Very nice! You are doing a great job. I know A-9 was more difficult, but don't you have an amazing sense of accomplishment after doing it? I know you do. :)
Wow, Janet! Your A-9 is great and I commend you for your fantastic fabric choice! I love your use of 2 focus fabrics on your F-13. Very nice. Signature? Edna
Janet, Your blocks look great I love A-9. That blue fabric looks wonderful. You'd never know it gave you trouble. Keep up the good work.

Oh, Janet, you are doing such a great job! I have to take a picture of the back of my G-13 so you can all have a laugh! It's funny how some blocks have been put together in such different ways. Don't ask me where I got this fabulous idea for G-13 from. I didn't want to piece the little arcs separately because I thought they would never match, so I made all the center piece be just one shape. Once I had decided that I could visualize a 9-patch with the center piece appliqued. And finally my stingy spirit must have appeared because I thought ... I can skip the center piece from the 9-patch and save some fabric LOL. Of course, I convinced myself I was doing this to reduce bulk. So I appliqued the circle with nothing under it. It looks so out of place!
Your blocks are beautiful. Love the applique!
Six more blocks completed. Pictured are A-13, D-9, D-1, B-5, E-5, and B-12. I paper pieced A-13 not realizing that I'd need to do Y seams. It didn't lie flat until I ripped the paper piecing pattern off. I did reverse applique on B-5 and B-12. B-5 went smoothly. I started over five times with B-12; this last effort looks almost the same as my first. The melons and the middle shape are on the small side. Better finished than perfect.
Janet (46, 0, 0, 841,5)

Wow, Janet. SIX new blocks! They are beautiful, too. What you did on B-5 and B-12 sounds very smart. I love your D-1. I'm putting all the Y-seams off until ... who knows when LOL. Your sun looks so merry in pink! Great job on all of them. I have to get back to mine!


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