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Dear Jane Blocks

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Your blocks are wonderful. I can understand forgetting to add diamonds. I'd have liked to forget them on several of the blocks I did because those close acute angles on the diamonds were really hard for me to applique. Yours look great!
WOW! These six blocks took me a whole month to finish! I guess sometimes life gets in the way of quilting. Pictured are B-10, J-9, C-13, A-11, A-10, and B-6. I've completed all of row A and am working on finishing row B. I've done these so long ago I hardly remember how I did them. B-10 was pieced and paper pieced. J-9 was pieced and then those tiny melons gave me fits when I tried to applique them to the block. C-13 and B-6 were paper pieced. A-10 is a combination of paper piecing, piecing, and applique. And A-10 is reverse applique and piecing and applique.
Janet (70, 0, 0, 1338)

It may have taken you a month, but seeing them was worth the wait. Good job, Janet. Knowing how tricky A-10 and A-11 are makes them even more impressive.
Great job! You have done really nice work. I'm glad to see you are getting some blocks done.
Another six blocks to add to my count. Pictured are B-7, B-8, B-9, B-11, C-2, and C-4. I've completed all of rows A and B and am working on row C. I think B-7 is my favorite block to date. It's a combination of applique and reverse applique. It turned out well. I never thought I'd say that about my applique! C-2 is the hardest block I've done so far. Another first; I did freezer paper piecing for the slanted nine patch, then reverse appliqued the nine patch to the background and then appliqued the diamonds to the background. I used Susan's pattern for B-11 because I liked the way the center cross was slender and made the block look more balanced. The outer triangles on C-4 gave me fits. The seams just wouldn't meet correctly. I may redo that block later. My goal was 100 blocks completed by the end of this month. I don't think I'll make it!
Janet (76, 0, 0, 1446)

WOW! You did a great job. You have so much to be proud of, they are beautiful. Now when you look at a block, doesn't your mind start thinking, this can be done that way, and that can be done this way? It's amazing how much this quilt makes us think.
All of those blocks were toughies, Janet. Good job. They do look beautiful.
I'm pure jealous. Why not admit it? Wonderful job, Janet. If you want my opinion ... don't re-do you blocks. The small imperfections show how hard they are, and that only adds value to our work and speaks of how much courage we put into them.
I have nightmares with A-3 and now you show me there is also B-7 to do!! Ugg. Jane Stickler will be lucky if I make one of those blocks!! I don't think I would make two of them LOL.
Pictured are C-5, C-6, C-7, C-8, D-2, and D-8. C-5 was a fun block, a combination of piecing, applique, and reverse applique. C-6 was applique and reverse applique. C-7 was mainly paper pieced and then the diamonds were appliqued to the block. Such tiny pieces! C-8 was an easy paper pieced block. D-2 was another combination block in which I forgot one of the steps, only to notice after the block was completed! Should I do it over? D-8 was all applique and I think it turned out rather nicely. I didn't meet my first goal of 100 completed blocks by the end of June, so I reset my goal: finish the center blocks by Christmas. Does that sound reasonable?
Janet (82, 0, 0, 1573)

Janet, how beautiful your blocks are. They are so precise! Aren't you proud of yourself for the accomplishments you've done? I know I am. Good job!
I can't imagine why you'd redo D-2, Janet. Yours is in the spirit of the original, and there's no reason to try for an identical copy. All of your blocks are lovely, and I love your fabric choices. I think your goal for the center blocks is attainable. Edna

Your blocks are beautiful. I would not do D-2 again. I envy the precise points on your diamonds. Beautiful fabric choices. You will definitely reach your goal by Christmas.


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