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Hello fellow quilters

I have just joined this quilting group and have not done this type of thing before. Am looking forward to chatting with other quilters, for suggestions, ideas, new patterns, etc.


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Hi Doreen, I'm new to this too.
I see from your profile you are in Ontario - how cold is it there? My husband is in Canada on business this week.
Good morning, it is 8:01 a.m. and yes it is cold in Niagara Falls, Ontario, 2 above 0. It is a good day to stay in and quilt. Tonight we have our quilt meeting, not too cold for that! I have so many projects |'m not sure of where to start, so today might be the day I get organized.

Thanks for replying to me and I'm not sure I have done this correctly, not new to computers but new to this type of communication.

Yours in Quilting
Hi Doreen,
My Quilt Guild met last evening. We had a UFO night. One of the ladies admitted she had 42 UFO's.
I told her I didn't feel so badly now, I have 7 and it is driving me nuts. I love to sew and Fibre and Beads, Knit & Crochet etc. So there is always something new coming out I want to do. Just got sewing room caught up. All material in color ranges. Threads in place. By next week it will be a mess again, but you know what, that is the fun of this whole process. Just be happy and sew on what you want to. Took me a long time to do this. Now if I could just get over the urge to quit buying books!! That is fun also.
Happy Quilting,
Hi Joyce
Wow, 42 UFO's, and I thought that I had a lot, now I don't feel so bad. I'm hoping to tackle some of mine, but also have a couple of new projects to do as well. I have the book Let's Do Lunch and have picked out 2 projects both are totes and I can use some of my many fat quarters. That is also a goal of mine, using my fat quarters.
Yours in quilting
Hi Doreen I am new too, Ilive in Oregon USA. I do quilting and I belong to a group thats meets on Thurs.

I've made Log Cabin a couple of times, and I am just learning how to get it right 1/4" seam. I made a table runner,
and now I have big job with the walking foot. Than k goodness it is a small item.
Good morning Barbara

How long have you been quilting? I too have made a couple of log cabins and it is one of my favourite patterns. I have one cut out to make a curved long cabin.

I use a 1/4" to keep my 1/4" seams correct. I could not sew without it on my Janome sewing machine.

Yous in quilting
Hi Barbara heres a tip for you that really helped me. If you can move the need from center on your sewing machine, give it a nudge or two to the right but still follow the 1/4 inch mark when you sew. That gives you a tiny bit more leeway. I have a Bernina and you can easily make this adjustment. Hope that might help. Charlotte
Hi I.m Barbara, and I just found some reply's to my questions I. thank all of you.
Hello Doreen and everyone

I just joined a few moments ago and have been enjoying reading all the posts. I am looking forward to the adventures in quilting with the rest of you. I can tell from some of the posts that I need to find and get involved in a local quilting group too. As of now, I haven't done this, partially because I have not been able due to some severe back problems. Hopefully, the back problems are a thing of the past as I had surgery six weeks ago and I am anxious to get back to my quilting projects I have had in storage for over a year now.
Hi Doreen:
This type of group is new to me also, but I'm sure having fun reading all of the comments and adding some of my own! I live in Portland, OR and even though we think we're having a cold winter ,(we actually had some snow in December and it shut down just about everything for 3 days) it is almost "warm" compared to your weather. I spent several years in Alaska and don't miss the cold weather a bit!
Since I work full time, I don't have as much time to quilt but keep at it as much as I can. My next project is a queen size bed quilt on request for my son and his wife in a Northwoods theme - have most everything I need for it but just need to get my fanny downstairs and dive in!
Happy Quilting!
Hi, my name is Donna and at one time I worked full time, and like you it was hard to find the time to quilt especially since so many thing had to be done around the house and other things.
Like you i enjoy the weather and the changing of the seasons that we have hear in Oregon, as I live in Grants Pass, Or. It will be nice to chat with you
Hi Doreen,i joined yesterday.I ordered the Cottage Blossoms on page 41 of the winter 2009.I'm looking foward to getting it sometime this week.
I'm looking forward to meeting more quilters.Connie


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