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Block size                12 1\2" unfinished to finish at 12"

 Pattern .                  Log Cabin

Colors .                    Center 31\2" square jewel tone ( brights)

                                 Logs cut at 2"

                                 black with white print

                                 white with black print

Here are measurements in the layout diagram and a pic of one block from my quilt. Thanks for your patience.

As for a time frame, if you could have your blocks mailed to me in the next two weeks that would be great. I would love to have this to her by some time in May. 

My address is .     Cindy Radtke

                                1217 Bonnie View Acres Rd.

                               Oak Harbor, WA  98277

Any questions, just ask. I will post photos along the way as I put it together and before it's ready for quilting. Will post different layout options for your input. 

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Just got back from mailing off the mug rug to you Cindy. I used one of those cardboard priority mail envelopes, so not a squishy package. Hope it fits in your mail box.

Beautiful Kathleen.  She's gonna just love it.

Took me a bit to relate to the messages being in the reverse instead of newest forward, but I found it. 

I had a thought that if there ia a leftover block to use it in a mini quilt for Chou; but, that's adorable, too!

Great idea Sheila! Will keep that in mind. 

Ha!  Kathleen, I just saw something in your mug rug that makes it even more perfect!  The arrangement of the green fabrics bordering your yellow doggie print evokes a cabbage!  Mary Agnes mentioned once that Chou-Chou, her dog's name, means "little cabbage" in French.  You are such a clever girl!

OMG Carol Ann! That is so unintentionally perfect! I was trying to remember just how Chou-Chou is pronounced. I know she told us once, but I did not remember the little cabbage thing. I was wishing I could remember her favorite colors while searching for the fabric. I found these pieces all together on my shelf and I believe they are from one of the Littles quilts, so I at least knew they went well together. How nice this all worked out!

Great name for a dog (or cat for that matter), Shoo!  Shoo!

My blocks are winging their way to Washington State, Cindy. In a squishy manila envelope. I sent them "Hand Cancel" so it doesn't go through their mechanical stuff (less chance of damage). 

My blocks have also hit the U.S. Postal Service to Washington this morning.  The receipt says they will arrive on Thursday 4/12/18, in a large white manila envelope.  Good luck!

Mine are on their way too!

Thanks you so much, Carol.

Wow!  Everyone's blocks look great!   Kathleen, the mug rug of Chou-Chou is adorable.


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