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Hi All
Now you all will laugh at this no doubt but I learnt something new from a mistake

I am working on a project & up to the quilting part so I thought lower the stitch size from what the machine is normally set on when it switched on so I am going along merrily but it a bit sluggish but it was okay done one (have 4 to do) on the 2nd one & the needle broke so switched of machine to change needle.

Switching back on & carried on halfway down the one side remembered I didn't change the stitch size but hey it was working better & smoother so I learnt that I didn't need to really use a smaller stitch for stitch in the ditch so that another thing to mark in the now how to do now lol

Hope everyone else's projects what ever they may be is going well take care
Hugs Janice

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Hi Janice, I don't usually change my stitch length. It really depends on the project I'm working on. I've learned that I need to make a test run to see how the stitch looks on my project before I decide on my stitch length. I still prefer hand quilting........
Hi Topsy, My thinking was as i can't hand quilt due to bad hands & i am still learning quilting i only done stitch in the ditch was smaller stitches won't be seen if it goes on the other fabric or anything, well to a point that was right but once it was the set size it went through much easier so it wasn't the thread, or the fact i was using heat resistant wadding (batting) that was making it more difficult but too smaller stitch so at least i will know for future that a problem that can cause this i would never have thought of changing the stitch size once i had set it so even on a test piece wouldn't think that was causing a problem, that said the problem wasn't enough to cause a problem as such just knew it wasn't sewing as smooth as normal
Hugs Janice


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