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I glanced through a book at the QS we visited on recent road trip, & have been thinking about it since, go figure, right! Well, I am thinking, it was using the Delectable Mountain quilt block, & they did all kinds of neat arrangements for some quilt ideas with this. The company also did some other books, like this one, with other blocks, this same way. But this one caught my eye! Didn't buy it, so now, am looking for it online. Sound familiar to anyone? Please post if you find a link for it anywhere, so I can check it out. Seems it was around $15 price wise, if that helps... Thanks in advance!

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I "googled" Delectable Mountain Quilt Block and came up with several links for the pattern and the history behind the block. Hope this helps a little.
Yes, i tried that too, but didn't see this book, but thanks for the suggestion!
If you are still searching for the Delectable Mountain Book, is this the one you were looking for...

I happened to come across it when I was searching for something else.
Hilltown, PA
Actually, if was a different one from this, a different series type thing actually, but thank you for letting me know, I appreciate it! I have given trying to find it, if I go to that shop again, I will just look there for it, lol...

Try this website. You can search by keyword, category, price, style etc. It's a goldmine! If that doesn't work, I'd google the QS you visited and make a phone call or drop them an email and ask them to see what book it was.


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