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I know it is already the 10th, but there is still time to make progress.

My list is:

1 Grandmother's Choice, (purple version) into a quilt top.

2 Sew borders onto, Spring Fling, and baste it.

3. Start working on Fabric challenge project

4. Progress on Dream Garden

5. Table runner

  Good luck to everyone on there sewing goals this month!


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I'd like to get the following done for March:

1st priority:  Complete the total repair of a QOV that I have been asked to do.

2.  Quilt and finish the Bunny Quilt.

3.  Finish the Sampler Quilt.

I just made an order from CT - some 50% and 60%  off items and 2 30% off items.  All more or less "needed".  I can hardly wait to get them.  It takes 14 working days to arrive here but often it is before that.

Yes, their sale items frequently tempt me, too! Have fun with your new fabrics!

Thanks Amanda for starting the challenge for this month. I woke up this morning (after losing an hour of sleep lol) and wondered where the first part of March had gone. Time does fly when you're having fun! I made my list on the first, but can tell it's not going to get done......

1. Finish 4 Quilts for Kids and get in the mail. (2017)

2. Start cutting Sticks and Stones (2017)   

3. Quilt and bind Row Robin #1...Summertime (2014)

4. Finish top Windowpanes (2016)

5. Block #1 2017 $5 Quilt (2017)

So much for not starting anything new this year until some other projects were finished!

Good luck, Connie! I hear you on the not starting anything new. I did finish one UFO and I am making progress on another, but I cut out a full size top the next day, so my number of unfinished items doesn't really go down!

I know it is late in the month to respond to this challenge, but I have spring break this week and I am going to spend at least an hour a day in my sewing room trying to move towards completing a UFO.  I have a BOM from Craftsy that I have been working on. I have done a quilt-as-you-go method and last night I finally finished hand appliqueing the sashing on the back of the quilt.  Now, i have to quilt the sashing and put on 2 more borders.  My goal is to get that done this week!!  Wish me luck!!  

Good luck Josette........I hope you get a lot accomplished during spring break.


This is the QOV that I was asked to repair.  I removed the binding and all the machine quilting (there was lots).  I pressed the top, repaired the batting, and bought new fabric for the backing.  I sandwiched the quilt and machine quilted it in orange rayon thread (Sulky 40 wt.) with Bottom Line in the bobbin.  Then I made new binding for and machine applied it.  Then, I sewed the original label on it so that the original 5 ladies who made the quilt before it was given to me would get the credit.  I'm very happy with how it looks now.

Good job Elizabeth....I'm sure the recipient will love it and how nice of you to give the original ladies credit even though you put many many hours into fixing it.


This is my finished Bunnies Quilt.  It is for my great grandson expected in June.  I made a scrap backing for it.

Very cute.....your new great grandson will love it!

Thank you, Connie.

The Bunnies Quilt has a story too.  I won the batik HSTs in a tea  cup auction and I trimmed them and machine appliqueed the 2 bunnies that I was given when I was hand quilting at the Church.  When I was machine quilting the quilt I outlined some of their features and they look so cute!

Elizabeth,   Your quilts are so beautiful.  I especially love the scrappy back.  What a great way to use your scraps!!  I was able to get into my sewing room yesterday and quilt on a crib quilt that I am making for our local women's shelter.  All of you, have a wonderful day.  


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