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Has anyone made a quilt from men's ties? I would like to know the best way to start one of these. Thank you Norma from Illinois USA

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Yes, I agree. I would also like to try starting one. How do we get by with doing a good job and loving it also.. Have a wonderful day!
This is going to be for a band director who is retiring after 25 years of teaching. He has about 50 musical ties. So I think I'm going to be challenged but I'll know how to do one!!! Like you said, it is loving to do it that matters.....Have a sunshine day....
Me too!! I have some of my uncle's ties (yes, even the "wild" ones!) laundered and pressed..........lot more to unsew and clean but I would love to try one also! There's is a book that I have but no pattern that caught my eye.
You are a few steps ahead of me......I don't have the ties yet. They are being sent to me from a retiring band director. I did see a book on ties called "Daddy's Ties". I have ordered that so hope it comes before I get the ties so I can plan my attack on them!! :)
I used some of my grandfather's ties in my grandmothers 90th birthday quilt. I did a few blocks using just ties and I also used them to frame pieces of her old aprons and some embroidery she did as a young woman. I used the same stabilizer I use for T-shirts as I was having problems with raveling and I didn't want the blocks raveling apart after so many washings... I would suggest using a lighter stabilizer than I used, I happen to have the type I used because I make T-shirt quilts, but when I make my quilt from my grandfather's ties, I'm going to buy a lighter stabilizer... It really is quite neat!!! I really enjoyed it.
You start by washing all the ties and then you spend alot of time ripping out the seams and the linings .. I would then iron on the stabilizer and then cut just as you would fabric for different blocks.
Thanks for the infor. I'll keep you posted as to my progress...... Did I see that you are from Iowa?? I lived in Waterloo for a number of years.
Yeah, Waterloo is about 1 to 1-1/2 hours north east of us! The picture of my grandmother's quilt is in my photos... you can view it there... Good luck.. just know that if you make the entire quilt out of ties.. it is going to get very heavy, very fast...
That's for sharing your quilts..... I am planing a road trip back to Waterloo next week but I'll be meeting my friends at Stoney Creek Convention Center for a couple of days of R & R with the girls. We plan to go to Winterset to Fons and Porter's shop. I can see it now - more stash!
Did you have a good time at Fons and Porter's??? That definately would be the last shop I would ever go to, but to each his own! Long story, but I knew Fons and Porter before they were "famous" and they've forgotten where they came from! Anyway, did you have a good time with your friends?? I've been working on a Harley Davidson T-shirt quilt for a friend that does long-arm quilting. We've bartered it out and so I'm making her quilt top. Anyway, the first 7 blocks are posted if your interest in seeing!! Alot of my friends are really enjoying seeing each as it gets done!
Thanks for your reply.... i looked at your tie quilt. What a beauty. The pattern that they have chosen for the tie quilt is a circle of ties. I found this in the book "Daddy's Ties" by Shirley Botsford. I've ordered the book so I'll have instructions. Wish me luck! I'm just not sure what to charge for this. What are your guide lines for cost, if you care to share. This is the first quilt I've done for anyone other than family. Thanks for your input.
Thanks.....I just didn't know where to start as far as cost for time.
For years I had been wanting to make a quilt with ties and was planning on collecting ones I liked -- a "someday" project. My DDIL heard me and came back from a trip overseas with several hundred ties. Many I would have never chosen but they went together quite well and made an interesting quilt. I made her a wall hanging and I made a quilt a few years later. Here are the pictures of both.


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