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I found this in a local consignment shop (Fabulous Finds). I took it to my local guy to see if he could make it work and did he ever. It sews like a dream.

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Not heard of that brand before, how wonderful those old sewing machines are often sooooooooo good,Patricia
If it sews, all well & good, either way it's still absolutely beautiful!
My hubby thinks it is a re-branded Singer, perhaps a model # 127 or 128 (he's been doing lots of research lately). What a great find in any case. We recently bought a 1940 Singer - to replace my 1980 Pfaff. How funny is that?
what a beauty, lucky lady...even if it didn't sew the case itself is a piece of art and the machine is to die for...many happy hours :)
You found yourself a really nice machine. It looks like a work horse. I've never heard of the brand, but I used to have a singer that was some what like it. Came in a wooden case and it was very heavy but it sewed beautiful. Found yourself a wonderful machine and the case is beautiful. God Bless


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