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Hi All,

I was very pleased to find this site a couple of week ago but I find I am having a hard time getting around it. I have tried everything to post my profile picture photo for the last 2 hours but no luck. I have also commented to a couple of the members but I can't see where these have been posted on the web. What am I doing wrong. Is there a help page that I can go to?

Thank you .


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welcome Helene , hope you have found where your letter went, if not click on Meet & Share then click on Discussions, you will see you letter and answers. Took me awhile to find my way round also. I have found this is a wonderful site and there are patterns as well. Your in Canada and i am in New Zealand wont be anyone further sth than me. I have just done a quilt for my great grandaughter Macey hope to put the photo up in a week or two. all the best,Pat
go to MY PAGE on top. then it brings up your profile hit the EDIT in right side. then comes to BROWSE, click on it to find your picture you want and then add. then save at bottom of page..
Hello Helene. I am Becky from PA - I find that when I come on this site to chat with other gals on-line, not too many seem to want to talk. I guess they are busy navigating around the site for other things. I do have a few faithful gals when they are on, they will talk. I didn't have any trouble signing on, but I did not have a profile picture either to post.


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