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Is there a pattern, project or kit you'd like to see? Post about it here!

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HMMMMMMMMM how about a table cloth for a 70 inch round table. I have made some of CT table toppers which I love but I am not sure how to convert them to a round table cloth.
I would love a more masculine sampler quilt kit, maybe for a twin sized bed?
I'd like patterns and ideas foor making memory quilts. Have photos pre digital and would like to incorporate them too. Need advice. thanks
Call around to copy/print shops in your area to see if you can have your photos scanned and put on CD.
I'd also like to see patterns & ideas for memory quilts. Even a kit that includes photo transfer paper.
I, too, would love to see a memory quilt pattern or kit incorporating photographs. Can't really find one anywhere
I just love the smaller kits--but useful ones, like the sewing supply holders, tote bags, etc.
I definitely would love a sweater for my toy poodle. Journal or book covers. Some sort of chatelaine for reading glasses and supplies, quilted shawl with the hint of sleeves for reading in bed (or using the computer), quilted slippers, spa type items-things to go in the microwave with flax seed and lavender (included with the kit in case you are like me and live in the boonies where that isn't easily accessible), insulated carrier (over the shoulder) for Rubbermaid bottles for hauling around the old water bottle, a flannel hot water bottle cover, a carrier for knitting needles...
I like the smaller kits too and would like to make a wallet and the quilted slippers...
I would really like to see the addition of a Cup Cozy Pattern, as apposed to a the kit.
Is this anything you might be considering as a future offering? Thanks!
We do hear this a lot, especially for those great cup cozies! I just answered Gigi2 below with the same question: We do spend quite a lot of time in developing our patterns so we don't post them for free until we are sure we aren't going to kit them again. You can probably see from our website the kits are the bread and butter of our business. We do occasionally post new free patterns though, so keep watching that section of our site.
You can get those wrappers that goes around your coffee cup you buy at the gas stations.Take one apart and make your own cozy.
I second that!
I would love to buy the cup cozy pattern. The kits are not always in colors I would enjoy


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