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Add your photos of your fabric selections to share with everyone. Then as we progress week to week you can add photos of your progress. It's fun to see what everyone's blocks look like as we go. Then finally, the big reveal. We'll see what the completed Mystery Quilts transpired to be.

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Looking good Cindy!

Cindy, hand over that border fabric and no one will get hurt!  Just kidding. I  like it a lot. I've yet to pull fabrics for this as I just started Bonnie's other mystery as well. Can I really do 2 mysteries at the same time and not go insane?

love the fabric choice, can' wait to see pictures!

Oh goody!  I love seeing everyone's fabric choices.  Here's mine (again...I posted it in the discussions area previously).  All is pulled from my stash...trying not to purchase anymore fabrics until I have to.  A bit concerned about the solid gold, but I'm going to use it anyway.  Cindy, love your rich colors.

Yours all go so well together. They're going to play very nicely with each other, me thinks.

Very pretty. I especially like the green Fab #4.

Thanks!  I am sad that I probably won't be able to keep up with everyone, but I'll at least have the fabric and instructions handy.  So looking forward to seeing others' choices and progress.

Those are going to look great! Colors are fresh and summer looking.

I love these choices. Can't wait to see this!

I think the gold is wonderful. Go for it!!!

Heres my choice for the mystery now that I took the pic I can eliminate the ones that don't go and you can't see the nuetrals in the back!


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