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Our new challenge starts today! Those of you who want to make Boxy Stars and those wanting to make Playing with Jacks can both do so. Anyone who would like to make a different Bonnie Hunter quilt can do so as well.

1. Start date Jan. 15, 2012

2. End date Mar. 15, 2012

3. Use lots of different fabrics! (we're trying to use up scraps)

4. Post pictures in this thread of your progress

5. Good luck, go, get started!

Please post any other scrap quilt pictures in the Scrap Creations thread.

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I;m in please.Going to do Boxy Stars.

Ok Linda,  I think I'll try and make a list to keep up with who's doing what.

Yes - but where is that link again to get the pattern?

Back on page 5 or 6 in the general discussion.

I would like to do boxy stars.


Thanks.  I think I will go ahead and do Playing With Jacks.  

I thought it looked familiar, but didn't recognize the name until I read Bonnie's blog.  I'm going to use one of the alternative names "Cats in the Cradle" since I have 5 cats at home and 4 cats at school.  This block always looked so complicated to me and Bonnie's directions seem easy enough.  :-)

I'm in, now to decide which one to do!
awesome! I'm like Diane...now to choose which one to do. I know I originally voted for the "Jacks" quilt...but now that the the field is open to all of her designs...I think that now I am heading over to her site to check out other patterns. I need to find one that I know I could finish by deadline with all of the other projects that I have to get done before March. Our guild has a "UFO" challenge going right now and I made the mistake of putting 15 items on it. Small ones but still have to be done by March...so am I an idiot to add something else to the list? lol Yup, I am a quilting obsessed fool.....lol

Well let me try it- and i pick Boxy Stars. Now my next question is- does it have to be a completed quilt or is just the top OK?

I'm gonna' play with the other kids this time.  This will be my 1st challenge participation.  I'm going with Boxy Stars.  Thanks char!

I don't need to start another quilt -- I've too many in progress already. But, that apparently hasn't stopped me this time.  A couple of weeks ago I sorted my pre-cut strips and the 2 1/2" bricks/blocks by color.  So, this morning I looked to see if I could find enough 2 1/2" squares of any color to make a "boy" quilt.  I tend to make "girl" quilts.  I pulled all my blue squares and have them matched up either all three blocks the same or at least similar in tone/shade.  Then I opened the strip box.  I pulled out my red bundle.  My third color is "light" -- but I'm having to cut those strips.  These are the first 4 blocks that I've made.  I want to make another 44.


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