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Our new challenge starts today! Those of you who want to make Boxy Stars and those wanting to make Playing with Jacks can both do so. Anyone who would like to make a different Bonnie Hunter quilt can do so as well.

1. Start date Jan. 15, 2012

2. End date Mar. 15, 2012

3. Use lots of different fabrics! (we're trying to use up scraps)

4. Post pictures in this thread of your progress

5. Good luck, go, get started!

Please post any other scrap quilt pictures in the Scrap Creations thread.

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Very nice Trevi in Texas. I don't know if I will get mine finished by the deadline. I will still post pics when done. I really like your border.

Thanks Debbie!   The choice for a border fabric was a real challenge considering the multiple fabrics and colors in the quilt body.

Trevi -Love your boxy stars!!

Love yours Trevi,I think at some point I will have to make a bright one.The colours really pop.Mine is going to be the experiment for my new sewing machine.When I pluck up the guts to try the quilting.

I am the same way with my Machine. I have been quilting by hand but not getting to much done as life seems to get in the way this month.

I started off the year with Playing with Jacks.  Who knew that before the challenge was over, I would be starting my own Boxy Stars.  A friend of one of my friends asked if she would make a raffle quilt.  She in turn asked me.  At the time, I was overwhelmed with the quilting I had underway, but when she brought the topic up last week, I was in a better state of mind.  So, a group of us are making the quilt from our purple stash.  I was asked to use a single white fabric and I found a big enough length in my stash.  Who knows what we'll use for the border.  I'm pretty sure I don't have anything that will work.  I'm guessing we'll get the center of the quilt put together during our quilt retreat in April.

Very nice,purple always appeals to me and I love this boxy stars pattern.Might have to see whats in the drawer.

Not nit picking but just noticed the 3rd one on the top row is in upside down.They arent sewn together yet though?

Thanks -- my husband was trying to tell me that last night and it wasn't computing.  I don't have the blocks sewn together yet.  We are going to wait until we get everyone's sections and mix them all together.

Love the purple!

Love the purple too!!!!  Great minds et all !  I have my Boxy Stars top completed but have another top that I must quilt first then I can work on finishing up the Boxy Stars.  I did get the backing and batting, but just need to get my son's A&M quilt done first.  That means I missed the challenge date of March 15, which is tomorrow. 

I missed too as I am still at the sandwich stage with trial stitches on.

i missed as well. we are in the middle of some huge renovations and my sewing is scattered all about. we got the stairs moved which gave us a huge amount in the kitchen, but it will still be months before everything is done and my machine is up and running.


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