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What quilt magazines do you enjoy ?

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Hi Jane,
I Like Fons and porter's and the Quilter..they both have lovely quilts and nice sites to visit.
I've seen Fons and Porters but don't think I've seen the Quilter. At least not recently. Will have to check it out at Joann's. Thanks.
Hello from Houston! I probably take too many. I have BH&G American Patchwork & Quilting for years and years and have never thrown one out. Over the years I have taken McCall's Quilting and Fons & Porter Love of Quilts and have rarely thrown one out. I am currently subscribing to these three and Quilting Arts, Quilter's Home and as a member of AQS, I get their magazine. I love Quilter's Home. It only has two or three patterns each month, but the articles and features are fun and light hearted. I have had subscriptions to Sew News and Threads for years and years and have all of those in my magazine library. I also have many saved magazines going back to approx. 1990 like Ladies Home Circle and Country Quilts. Each one has its own personality. Browse through some at a bookstore that has a large magazine selection and decide which one or two best suits your taste. You might want to order one or two back issues from the Magazines' website to get a feel for their usual content. Or better yet, if you know someone like me, you can borrow as many as you like as long as you treat them well and return them to their mom.
Hi Rebecca, and thanks. One question what is AQS?
It's American Quilter's Society. Their home is in Paducah, KY. Once you're more into the Quilter's world you'll pick up some of the lingo. One of my dreams is to visit Paducah and attend the annual quilt show and the National Quilt Museum. A friend of mine spent a week in Paducah and went to the Hancock's of Paducah fabric warehouse. She said it's fabric wonderland. Let's hear from some of the Kentucky quilters on the show and museum from first-hand experience.
Rebecca, since you know about so many magazines, have you heard of Quilt Presents Patchwork Quilting? I cam across a copy I had from Winter 2005, but I don't know where I got if from or if the mag is still in existence I like it because the pattersns were not very difficult and everthing is obviously patchwork and scrappy. All things I like.
Hi Jane, I believe that it was a special issue put out by Quilt Magazine. They have a great website Quiltmag.com. Quilt Magazine is great for patchwork and scrappy quilts and has wonderful patterns to use when you're starting out. I have some really old ones and they helped me so much. All of the major quilt publications have special issues that you have to buy separately from the subscription. Some are called Sampler, Best of, the Year in Quilts, or Presents. I love scrappy quilts best. Gives me an excuse to buy lots of fat quarters.
Hope this helps!
Three words-

I have had the Issues of McCalls too..and Quick quilts.....
quick quilts and quilter's home by mark lapinski - i read it cover to cover and laugh out loud
My 2 favorite magazines are Quilting Arts and Fiberarts.


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