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Just wondering if anyone has this program? My hubby has ordered it for me, for Mother's Day, & of course, I am all jazzed about this, & can't wait to play with it! So, if you have it too, post & let me know, & maybe we can compare notes!


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I have Quilt Pro but I don't use Mac, but I am sure you will find it easy to use. Take the time to do the tutor session when you get it and you will be right on board. I don't use it often but it's handy when you need it. If I did more pieced quilts I am sure I would use it more often, but I am an applique girl, addicted to my hard lead pencils.
Hi, thanks for sharing! This quilt pro 5 has some applique added, you might want to check it out too! My hubby has been designing some quilts too, & he is a graphic artist, & a real tecky, so I think we may have lots of fun with this!
I'm interested in what you think of this when you get it. I have a Mac and have been hesitant to buy any of these programs, wondering if they would be as good as the PC versions. They seem to forget about us Mac users. LOL
Hi Kathy, I will be sure & post once we get it & have a chance to play around with it! You are right, we love our Macs & prefer them, but they do seem to forget us alot! Read up on this one, it sounds pretty neat, & I hope it is...
Hi Nancy, Wondering if your got your Quilt Pro, if you've had a chance to use it and what you think of it. Would you recommend it? I found a brand new copy of it out online for $69 from All Brands, no shipping. Kathy B.
Hi Kathy!

Yes, i got it & am impressed with it! Thought I could immediately play with it, but not being a master tecky, I need to go through the lessons in the manual, to figure out what I am doing, lol! Sounds like you found a great deal, I don't think you would be disappointed buying it! A friend of mine, did alot of research when she looked into buying a program like this, & she said it's the best one out there for Macs, from all the research she did on it. So snag that one while you have a chance, I don't think you will regret it!

Are there any other quilt programs for Macs? I love my Mac. Wouldn't trade it for a PC anytime but it rattles my cage that we've got the best computer for the graphics of quilting and no programs are compatible. UGH! Can you feel the frustration? If you ladies like the Quilt Pro this would make me a happy woman. Are we the only 3 Mac users in this crowd?
I don't know, Marty, but I am hearing that Quilt Pro is the best one out there. I get disgusted with other things, that there is nothing for Mac users with it yet, ugh! My hubby swears by Macs, but he is an artist, so I am sure that has alot to do with it. I haven't done much with my Quilt Pro 5 yet, but it sure is nice having it. Kind of going crazy with this new quilt project we started, lol.

What kind of Mac do the rest of you have? I have an iBook G4
I have a Mac because my sister was a graphic artist and swears by Macs. I started with a G3 or 4 a pretty green one. Now I have a sleek pretty white one bought in 2007. Desktop. Runs OS X Safari not Leopard.
I have an iBook G4 and an iMac I bought myself for a retirement gift in 2007 (sounded like a good excuse). I loaded Quilt Pro on my iBook but I think I'm also going to load it on my iMac because the screen is so much bigger. Haven't had much time to play with the program but what little I have, I love it.

Yes, it is very frustrating that they don't have more quilting software for the Mac. I bought Mac software for my Pfaff many years ago but I think they only wrote it one year as an experiment and then they stopped supporting it. It was very frustrating.

In my "previous" life I supported both PC's and Mac's in my job as an IT tech. I started out 25 years ago as a DOS specialist and, of course, had to migrate on to Windows. I prefer the Mac. They are so versatile and user friendly. Despite the fact that they can run PC software I don't load any on my machines. They cause too many problems.
I would like to thank you ladies for this blog about MAC and the quilt programs!! I have a MacBook and love it!!!! My husband swears by it and will never go back to a PC!!!! I have been looking for a quilt program but I haven't seen any for a MAC. So again thank you, I will put this on my want list for my wonderful husband!!!!
Yippee 4 of us. This percentage kills me.


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