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I have been contemplating going on a quilting cruise for some time. Have any of you gone on a cruise? How was it? What company did you go through? Would you do it again?

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I think this sounds like a riot but my husband put his foot down on THAT. He said "If we ever DO get to go on a cruise, it will probably be the ONLY one we ever go on and it will NOT involve QUILTING!" LOL All I can say is he'd better die while I'm still able to sew.......*EG*
I have to tell you, after reading your blog I couldn't help but think how fun you would be on a cruise. I bet that if you would go on a cruise your husband would be hooked. I loved your last sentence. I also have a saying, It is much easier to ask for forgiveness than it is for permission. I just may have to use that with my husband on a quilt cruise. :) Let me know if you get to go!
Hmm...a quilting cruise....hmm...well...

My first time "cruising" was last fall...went through Carnival...was seasick one whole day!...would
do it again as long as I'm wearing a motion-sickness-patch and remember
to put it on the 4 hours before boarding the ship. I could see me having mixed feelings
docking at port cities (stay on ship and sew? go visit/tour port city-not get as much
done on project?) unless it's one of those l-o-n-g cruises (at sea a couple days or more-plenty of time to stay on task and get some cutting/piecing/pinning/whatever done with big block of time).
Cruising in colder seas I don't know if you stop for off-ship excursions and if so wonder if those
activities are as long as port city visits in warmer climes. Comes down to a choice you have to make -
whether to keep sewing/quilting or take time to explore a part of the world (sea) you may never see again.

If you've never cruised before I think it might be tough to knuckle down to sew...you may want
to wander around the ship and see what's going on! Food is always a temptation.

You may want to do a trial run (lol..test your "sea legs") and go on a quickie weekend cruise.

Just my thoughts. All in all, I think a quilting cruise would be tons of giggly-bonding-FUN!
Heck, you might even finish something!
I have been on 3 cruises and can honestly say I don't know if I could stay inside to quilt. I love to quilt but there is something about a vacation going somewhere differant and seeing new things. I went through Carnival all 3 times. All 3 were wonderful and I sure would do it again.
I will be doing a quilting cruise mid-February. I am looking forward to it. It is a 10 day cruise and I will be taking classes on 4 days (while we are "at sea"). Classes are not scheduled for days we are in port. It should be a good blend of sewing and vacationing. Still plenty of time after classes to enjoy all the amenities of the ship. This will be on Holland-America. I'll report in after the adventure.
I'm interested in doing something like this but can't find anything on Holland America line. Was it fun? Thanks
I went on a quilting cruise a few years ago, and I don't care to go on another. The cruise part was great, the teachers were great, but the only time to sew and quilt was during a class. They said we could sew just about anytime, but that never happened. Many disappointed quilters to say the least. I wouldn't miss any site seeing, but make sure you can get to a machine when you'd like to. I know on retreats - which this is, only on water! - I sew until the wee hours, and no one was able to do that. Thus, not much meeting of other quilters to sit and get to know. Very disapointed in sewing time.
Hi Lauren
Which company did you go through? Where did you travel to and for how long?

I have been interested in a quilting cruise. I love to go on cruises but have not found any for quilters. I am interested in any information you may receive. Would you please pass on any information you may have. Thanks!
Hi Karen,

here is a link which should take you to some information;


Sometimes you can find info within a specific instructors web site too. I'm packing for mine right now so not a lot of time to research for you. You should be able to find some other info if you do a google search for quilt cruises. Hope this helps a bit.
Karen, please see comment at the bottom of the Quilting Cruise discussion board - or check out http://worldofquiltstravel.com
Can't you take your own machine? I never thought about the cruise supplying them, and just assumed I'd have to take my own with me...which would mean I could sew anytime I wanted. I'd probably annoy anyone in a neighboring cabin so maybe requesting a corner room would be a good idea! LOL


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