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I have been contemplating going on a quilting cruise for some time. Have any of you gone on a cruise? How was it? What company did you go through? Would you do it again?

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In fact, even if I was going on a cruise that was NOT a quilting cruise, I'd probably take my machine with me just so I COULD sew when we were at sea and I wasn't in the mood to do anything else! I know I'd certainly take some hand work with me...I'm just THAT addicted.
I'm going on my second quilting cruise in April. Both have been with the same teachers/organizers. The first one was great - Mexican Riviara on Holland America. Workshops (which were all handwork) were done on the sea days. Attending the separate workshops allowed you to pick how busy you wanted to be during the day - I took workshops everyday but on my upcoming 12 day Hawaiian repositioning cruise on Carnival, I have not booked myself as much so I can enjoy some of the sea days. If you check part way down the main page of http://www.patchworkstudio.com/ you'll find info about my cruise. There are both Canadian & US quilters coming on the cruise.
83 days until I sail!
Tracey and all, I happend upon your discussion earlier today and while I know it will sound like promotion, I do have to say I have traveled with several quilt travel companies on cruises, and of those I have done, I like the ones offered by World of Quilts Travel run by Deb Roberts. I have been on a few of her trips and she does a bang up job with every detail. She won't even know I have posted here, and really I don't get a thing by saying anything, but in comparison (and I have traveled with a few others) her customer service alone is a pleasure.

Best of all - she is a quilter, does trips for quilters and knows what we all love, and keeps her prices at a place that allow me to buy lots of fabric while I am away.

BTW - husbands are always welcome on her trips - she finds plenty for them to do. Last cruise I was on with her, I think my husband had almost as good a time. Her classes are only while at sea, so everyone can enjoy the ports...this summer we are going on a cruise around the British Isles, stopping in Normandy, France a stop my DH can't wait for, (he is a WWII buff) the cruise is a fundraising trip for the Quilter's Hall of Fame and before hand we are going to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England.

Look her up - at http://worldofquiltstravel.com
(not sure I made the link thing work - if no sorry, it is world of quilts travel and you can google it I am sure)

okay off my soapbox - and yes, I would (and have) done it again and again. At my age (55) I figure it is time to quit doing things for myself and do SOMETHING for myself. There will never be a better time to go, who knows that I will still be able to travel in a few years.

Now on to cutting some fabric.

Thank you Sara! Its great to get a good response with a company to look into. I have always wanted to go on a cruise, but it is pricey and I want to make sure I have a great time. There is nothing worst than spending money and being let down by the end product. I will definitely look into Deb Roberts cruises, and who knows maybe we will meet up sometime! Thanks once again! Cheers!
A quilting cruise sounds fabulous, but I would probably be one of those people that was disappointed if they didn't get to do much quilting, LOL. I'd be better off renting a cabin somewhere with a friend for a week if I really wanted to quilt!
Well come with me. I am teaching on a cruise to the Caribbean, Feb 2011. I just made a 3 panel quilt, each panel /one day class. I have never been on a cruise either but I teach all over the country and this sounds like loads of fun. My husband is coming along to enjoy all the activities and we are only in class 3 of the ten days. www.quiltcruises.com. The classrooms are open the other days for students to work when ever they want to. click on the jpg to see the class quilt
Kathy McNeil www.kathymcneilquilts.com
My mother and I organize Quilt Retreat at Sea cruises. If you would like more information, please contact me at michelle@quiltretreatatsea.com. Thanks.


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