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BLOCK SWAP 21 ROW BY ROW QUILT SWAP November 2017 to ....(final date still to be set)

5 - 8 people
9" blocks chosen from the site patchworksquare.com
Each person is responsible for choosing a block design to be used to make a row. eg houses, tulips, Ohio star, card trick.......
1 coordinating colour to be used as background?? Decided by group
Each partisans makes the relevant number of blocks each 1/2 months and posts them to the other partisans...6 participants, make 6 blocks, keep 1 and post 1 to each other participant.
Every 1/2 months blocks for current row to be made and posted by 1st of month
Each person participating can ask for their blocks to be a set colour.... pastels, brights, blue and yellow, batiks, etc.

Finished quilt top would be 45", 54", 63" or 72" with borders to be added by individuals. Quilt could be lengthened by rows of sashing, rows of own, appliqué rows, etc.

I m happy to coordinate. If interested please reply, will post this in discussions for show of interest.

1. Megan Sawyer
2. Donna Coppin
3. Donna Rosengarten
4. Janice Young
5. Kathy Bertelsen

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Whew.... that makes me feel much better....  Thanks

Donna...  I just realized that I never thanked you for the beautiful block.   I am using yours as a guide to get mine done.   The colors are great.

Glad you like it I thought it turned out rather well but I agree with everyone else this block takes a " little extra"-Donna R

Donna...  I received my block yesterday.   It is gorgeous

I am glad you like it!!
I received Donna C’s block last Monday and today Friday the one from Donna R. Both have lovely colours. Thanks

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!  Love the looks of this block, but it has stumped me beyond belief.  Well yesterday, went to my sewing room in the basement.....turned on Maroon 5 and think the Lord was feeling sorry for me....  I figured it out.   Beyond happy.   Finished one block and then had to get ready to go for our Thanksgiving dinner.   Hopefully I can finish this weekend and get them in the mail Mon or Tuesday.

Another note....  I received Janice's block and it was gorgeous...   Janice the way you packaged it was genius...

My promise to myself and all of you...will not be this late in getting the blocks done.

Happy Sewing to you all

Thank Janice I received a beautiful block from you in my mailbox today. Thank you again!

You are welcome.    When this first started and the only pattern and color selection i had where yours and Kathy's to avoid the rush your to blocks are done just waiting till march and july to mail them to you.

 Hello All.....  The squares for those in the US were mailed yesterday..... Megan....yours was mailed today.    Please accept my apology for being late.....  Will not happen again. 

Hello Kathy;

I received my block today.  Thank You very nice.  Need I more and my row will be complete.

Again Thank You Janice

Thank you.   Was hoping I got your colors right.... 


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