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I'm looking to recruit fellow quilters for a Quilting Cruise with Deb Roberts to Scandinavia and Russia! If you are interested in going please let me know. Most likely it would be the spring or late summer of 2010 to coincide with local quilt festivals and shows. You would be travelling with Deb Robert's "World of Quilts Travel" which was voted # 1 by quilters. Not only does she provide an enjoyable quilting excursion for the quilter, but husbands are always welcome on her trips, and she finds plenty for them to do.
I have done my research and this is the Group to travel through. She guarantees low prices and has an excellent reputation! So if you are like me and have always dreamed of going on a Quiting Cruise, let's make it happen. I have spoken with Deb, all we need is 20 individuals and its a go! Who's with me???

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Do you have a website to look at for this cruise? I love cruises. I would be interested if it is the right time of year for me.
What time of year works best for you? I'm thinking May or September 2010. Travel costs will be more affordable then. And it won't be too hot and uncomfortable.
Hey Sara

Where else have you travelled?
I have been on quilt cruises to the Mediterranean, New England and Australia and several to Alaska, and a few quilt tours to here and there. It is always fun to be with quilters because we all get excited about the same things, and no one hates to go to the fabric stores. Sara
Isn't that the truth! I felt like a kid in a candy store, when I went to the international quilt festival in Chicago a few years ago!
Wow Tracey - you do not waste time. I do know no one going with Deb will be disappointed.

I talked to Deb and she is really interested in doing a cruise to northern Europe. She asked me to spearhead getting a group together. She wanted to know who recommended her so she could thank you. She sounds really nice, so hopefully we can get this cruise to go forward! Hey does your husband want to go? There is apparently a lot of good WWII history in the Netherlands!


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