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Block Designer and Color Wheel Help

Review submitted by Molly Wilson

This link is for a free block design program, there is no downloading or signing up for anything and no catches in the end that ask for money. It is just a simple program but it is still fun to play with, plus like I said it will let you know whether you want to purchase the "real" thing or not. Over on the left side there is "Color Wheel" spot, click on it and you will discover how the values really work. There is a drop down menu that lets you choose how many segments you want colored. So at least go by here and play some of those times when you just can't sleep, of course once you get started you really won't go to sleep!!
I have a DVD by Ricky Tims called "Grand Finale". There's a binding technique that I love in there, but because it's on a DVD (I've called to ask if it were available as a book also, and it isn't) I can't "dog ear" a page that I want to find quickly, open the book to a specific page and simply leave it there, I can't use a highlighter marker, or make notes in the margin.
If I have a combination of a book & DVD, yes, I do like that.
Geez, I know what you mean, Cheri. I have a couple of videos that I recorded from a TV show. I wanted to be able to see a particular segment several times. So I ended up using the VCR's counter to give me the "count" from "zero" (the beginning of the tape) to the "count" at the start of the segment. Sort of like the distance from one point to another.
I don't know if there's a similar feature on a DVD, or even a way to skip from scene-to-scene, but it might be worth checking.
Cheri, I asked my DH about whether there's a counter on a DVD. He mentioned that one appears when you rewind or go forward. You might want to see if your DVD player has that function.
I do not have an experience with any software but I am hoping that someone else has and can help. I am sure that what I want is out there I just have no clue of what exactly I am looking for.
I want something that I can scan a design or make a design pattern and then add to make a quilt then I can add colors and patterns so I can quit having to draw them out. The paper I am using is not big enough for what I need. Thanks for all the help.
Monica - from your post I'm not sure if you are looking for a quilt design program or a quilting stencil program! I use EQ (Electric Quilt) - it is software that has in it a block library, a fabric library and you can even download fabrics to create your own library. You can also draft and color your own blocks. You can make the blocks any size you want, you can design a quilt in any size you want. In addition, there are quilting stencils that you can overlay to see what you might like. This program has so many different options it would take me all day to name them! I have used EQ since it's inception many years a go - the latest version is EQ6. Go to www.electricquilt.com to see if that is what you might want. Connecting Threads sells a smaller (and very limited) version called Quilt Design Wizard - hope this answers your question!
That is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks so much.


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