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Can someone give me any advise on using the spray adhesive? I have a general idea....just wondering if there are any suggestions or hints :)

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If you are using it to hold your layers together while basting etc...I've done it many times and get good results. If you are using it for something else, you'll have to be more specific. :-)
I bought the adhesive to try with sandwiching a table runner and then machine quilting it. My thought was I wouldn't have to baste it or pin it????
I like the 505 spray best. I have used it for basting quilt layers and holding dimensional applique pieces in place especially ruched flowers.
I've never been brave enough to NOT baste at least in some form or another. I've used the adhesive to hold large quilt layers together when I line them up, and to "hold" them in place until I've gotten them pinned successfully-too chicken to see if they would stay solidly together with just the spray through the quilting process.

A table runner would probably be the best way to experiment with it because there isn't a lot of fabric to "shift" around etc. But my scardey cat instinct wouldn't allow me to try it out without at least putting safety pins in the corners and outside edge centers. I know I know....I'm a wuss!
I have been using quilt spray adhesive for years and I absolutely love it! If you are machine quilting you do not need to do any other basting. The spray baste will hold it very well. I never do any further pining or basting.

You must be careful of over spray as it is very sticky. I use it on my cutting table but I remove my cutting mats before I spray. Also, since I cut my backing and batting larger than the top I rarely have over spray on my table. Someone I know sprays to within about 4 inches of the edge of her top and then safety pins around the edges.

If I do get spray on my table I remove it with alcohol or something like Goo Gone.

One last thought...........I do not like it for hand quilting.



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