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Hi Quilter,

I'm wondering if any of you have or have used an Ulmer Quilting frame?
Would you please share your opinions?

The large, rectangular work space and the it's easy storage appeals to me.

Thanks for your responses!

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Hello, Rhonda. I have an Ulmer quilt frame that I have only used once. I don't know a lot about hand quilting and I bought the frame from a friend. She had never used it because she bought it without knowing if she really liked hand quilting. She still doesn't know. ha. ha. Anyway, I thought it was wonderful from the one time I used it.
Hope this helps.
Thanks so much.
I've never hand quilted myself, but it is something I would love to learn. I was researching quilting frames for a friend, ran into this and was really impressed.

Was it difficult to use?
No, it is not difficult to use. It is surprisingly lightweight. The Ulmer website even has an online video showing how to load a quilt onto the frame. I'm just a beginner at hand quilting, but I do like this frame. Good luck. Keep me posted on what you do on this.
Have a good day.
Hi Ronda! I also have an Ulmer Quilting Frame and like it very much but it is rather hard for me to get it loaded as the spring loaded part is very hard for me to stretch to get it to where it's supposed to be. That's not a very good way to describe it but can't think what it's called right now. Takes a lot of strength which I guess I don't have anymore. Very easy to store when not in use. Worth the price! Dottie
Hi Ronda, my mother used a frame similar to this one. My uncle had made it for her after he made one for my aunt. Unlike this one it had two rails that the quilt was attached to and then rolled. It was great becaue like this one took up very little space. I wish I had picture of it set up to show you. Basicly it had two ends with cut outs that the two rails fit into. Being a hand quilter my mom loved it.


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