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Greetings All-

I am new here, and had joined this site, like most of you, to correspond with others who share a love of quilting/sewing etc. This is not my first site and it seemed like a good one to connect with quilters to share ideas, collect tips, find that elusive answer, and just make friends from all over.

In the week since I've joined I've gotten two comments, both basically verbatim to each other:

Hello, my name is XXX,  i came across your profile now on this Comment Site . So I decided to stop by an let you know that I really want to have a good friendship with you. Beside i have something special i want to discuses with you, but I find it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site. I will be very happy, If you can get back to me, through my e-mail.  XXX-hassan@live.com   So we can get to know each other better,and i well give you my pictures and also tell you more about me OK, you can contact me through my e-mail id Is, nelly-hassan@live.com

This one is from Dakur, the other is from Rwanda. Both state they have something they would like to discuss, though not on a public site, and ask that I write to them at their personal email address.

In this day and age, there are so many ways someone can hack into your computer, take your personal information, and plant viruses. Or play the shell game, asking that you do some financial juggling for them with some kind of benefit for you, only the benefit will be you will be out a large sum of money.

All in the name of friendship.

Most of us will see this for what it is. But my concern is those who are too trusting, and will look to help someone in "trouble', or perhaps be in a bit of a bind themselves, and the promise of some extra cash will be to much to pass up.

I've written the Admnistrator regarding this, though I haven't heard back yet. The first comment was pulled off my profile, but it is so easy for someone to just sign up under a different name, especially if the profiles aren't screened.

Please, please, be careful.

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Thanks for sharing this information.  Personally, I don't respond to any private requests like the one above. And, it's always a good reminder and good to know that it's going on. Such a shame too.
Thanks for warning those that are sweet and trusting and don't realize how many people are out there that will take advantage of good folks!

Today we have all, (hopefully) gotten the email about spammers, and I commend the administrator of this site for taking the actions stated.

It angers and saddens me that people seek to take advantage of others, and one would think that on a site like this, they wouldn't even consider it. But then again, people never cease to amaze me, both good and bad.

I believe if we stick together, and make sure others are warned, that we can keep them at bay, and protect our members from becoming victims.

Thank you again to the administrators for taking action against this disgusting group of bottom feeders.

Hi Joyce

Just read your post on this board and wanted to let you know that I belong to a different quilt board and have never had this type of message sent. The board I belong to is www.quiltingboard .com. You might want to check that out. I really like it and I think it is easier to get around that board than this one.


Welcome to the group, your warning came late, I also rec'd this, but I believe my firewall caught it, but thanks anyway, I really appreciate it.  I am also new here.


Wow that is so true ,I used to be very trusting of People ,but with all the information coming trhough about these People it makes me very wary.


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