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What do you do with your left over bits and pieces from you quilts? How do you save and/or store them? This is one of my biggest problems in cleaning up my sewing room!

I'm just old enough to have been raised by people who never threw out anything they might be able to use some day. "Waste not, want not" (After all, you never know if that little two inch piece will be just what you need for that appliqued wall hanging you'll make some day.)
I have two sets of those plastic drawers so that I can save my left-over strips and they're sorted by color. That's not the problem.
It's those "trimmings" from FQs or the left-over bits from a curved cut that are really cluttering up my space. I seem to have a small stack of those pieces from every quilt I've ever made and I would love to know if any of you have that same problem and what you do about it.

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well, the straight ones,I make strip quilts.!..and really not sure about the curved ones...LOL.....I relly need to organize mine again.....i went thru and made one quilt out of them...and should do another one...that way...there won't be so many totes...Good Luck.
Another idea that sounds great Bev! I keep strips in bundles by width. We did an exchange of 4 1/2 " strips years ago and one of them were cut down for my smaller strips. Diana
Hi Charlotte,
When I first started quilting, 15 years ago, I made miniature quilts. Everyone in our guild gave me scraps and like you, I did sort them in colors. I used a scrap saver ruler and cut my fabric into the various sizes (squares, triangles, rectangles). So I have neat piles of each and they are tied together with a strip of fabric. I wrote the size on the fabric strip.

If the pieces are small or irregular, I use a color, say reds and sew them together to make one piece of fabric. I trim it even and it ends up looking like a crazy piece. Continue until you get the get the size that you want and trim or cut into another shape. This is your new fabric piece to use as regular fabric. For variations, I may add all darks or mix them up. These are perfect for scrappy quilts with "depth" in your "new fabric".

I refuse to toss out African Fabrics and I have made several wall hangings out of the smallest pieces. I will try to attach a photo of one of them. The middle is using very small scraps. This is a Barbie Size doll quilt.

If you like working in small pieces, I have a book on making scrap fabrics into rolled beads for embellishments.
I also use my scrappy fabrics to fuse onto my Aceo trading cards. I have downloaded a couple for you to see. The photo came out bigger, even though I tried to reduce it. You can delete after looking at it. Thanks, Diana
Okay, if there was a prize for the most popular idea, I think Diana would get the trophy! And the attachments were very helpful, Thanks! Now that you've described the technique, I think I actually saw someone do something like that on an old Alex Anderson show with bits of fabric to combine into a *bigger* piece of fabric.
I like Trudy's idea for doll house quilts (I've got one of those and my grandsons love it!) and Phyllis's idea of using adding machine rolls (where do you find something like that in this age of computers?!) to keep the edges straight sounds promising.
Yeah!!! I'll take the trophy! Bowing down to applause and smiling. Thank You! You will be surprised at how beautiful and uniques your "new fabric" will be. You can still find adding machine rolls at Walmart and office depot stores. I used them for my cash register.
LOVE the mask! I'm too intimidated to move into the "art" form of quilting because then people would have all kinds of expectations of me that I just simply cannot fulfill!!! *grin*

I have a bigger mask that I created using larger scraps. Actually I used a leather purse, beads, trims, earrings, found objects. I think that it was about 20" long and maybe 8 -10 inches wide. This was sold on Etsy for $150.00. I added batting and a backing of African fabrics. This person want me to make more and I just can't spare any extra time, right now. I will try and download the photo. Diana
Diana, that's GORGEOUS! You've given me some inspiration for the southwestern fabrics I've been collecting. They aren't the cowboy and horse themes, but native colors and designs. Turquoise, heather purple, coral, sandstone, ebony, lapis. I have tanned leather as well. What a wonderful idea!
Hi, Karan!
I wish I could say I had *a* plastic container with my trimmings! ; ) Unfortunately, every pile of fabric I try to straighten up in here has some little "treasure" either in it or under it. It's like an archaelogical dig in here!!! :-O

I have a small wall hanging that I bought in a craft store that's a hodge-podge of miniature quilt blocks and the left over pieces were put into borders (It's more *artistic* in it's design than it is organized). I admire it every time I look at it (some of the pieces are 1/2" squares), but I don't know if I'm psychologically sound enough to tackle making a miniature quilt! ; D
I think the sewing-little-bits-into-bigger-bits is more my style. That way it doesn't actually have to look like something recognizeable when I'm done! LOL
Let us know what you find out about miniature wall hangings.
Hi Charlotte, most of my miniatures were given away or sold. I made a
amish miniature with 600 1" squares. It was called Bowties and I even hand dyed the fabric because I could not find the Amish colors. When I sneezed, the fabric were everywhere! Each had to be placed perfectly to achieve the "bowtie" block. I finally finished it and vowed not to do that again! I will try to find an old photo of it. I sold it on Ebay a couple of years ago. Diana
Hi, this is just another suggestion, my guild too has just started a scrap exchange this year. All scraps 2 inches by 2 inches or larger gets put on a table. For $1.00 you can fill up a gallon ziffy bag with what you want and you're all set to go. It was wonderful last month as a start. I used to throw out my scraps but now I don't and I never thought of miniature quilts and I do have a doll house with two beds and a crib. I could have made quilts for them, but soon, very soon, there will be a quilt on the sofa and chairs in the living room in my doll house. Did I say my doll house, I mean my daughter's. (Ha, Ha, Smile)
Trudy, doll house quilts were also included with my first quilting experience. My friend had a dollhouse and I made three for her beds. She is a fantastic quilter and she says that she could never make anything so small. I even made her one to "store" into the attic of the doll house. She has since moved away, but she adored her quilts. Diana


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