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I like Jennifer Chiaverini-Elm Creek Quilt novels. Books by Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter they both write about the amish way of life.
Have you read any that you would like to tell about?

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I like the Elm Creek Novels too. I also like the Benny Harper series by Earlene Fowler.
My mom got me 2 of the Elm Creek books for Christmas, and I was done reading them in about a week. She has already bought two more, but she says I have to wait till my birthday to get them. :(
I like to read the Elm Creek Quilt novels and the Bennie Harper series too! Each author has a new one coming out in March....can't wait to get them to add to my collection! The Emilie Richards books are good too....
Oh that's good to know. We were just wondering when new books would be coming out. It seems like it has been a while.
I like the Elm Creek novels too. I also like reading stories that take place in Amish Country. Like Bev Lewis and the Brunstetter books. There is another author or two you might like that do stories on Amish. Mindy Starns Clark has one out now titled "Shadows of Lancaster County". I have this on order and Shelley Shepard Gray that I also have on order "Hidden" and "Wanted" Book 1 & 2. I think Lewis and Brunstetter keep to the true nature of the Amish culture and don't add to their traditions with their personal opinions. I have read one of Mindy Starns Clarks books that was a great mystery. She has many other books that don't pertain to Amish.
Thanks Judy I will check out the books.
Thanks everyone. Now I have a library list, grin. This was a good guestion for discussions. I just asked my "friends" group for any suggestions on any good books. I've read the Beverly Lewis books and a few of Jennifer Chiaverini, Earlene Fowler and have a Emilie Richards book on hold. Quilting is my first passion with reading coming in a very close second. I like mystery as long as there's a little humor in it and I like the Amish theme books. Nothing deep for me.
Hi Pauline,
In addition to the books already mentioned I have enjoyed Nancy Turner's novels, These Is My Words, Sarah's Quilt, and one more I can't remember the title of. Sandra Dallas has several novels (The Diary of Mattie Spenser) in addition to The Quilt That Walked to Golden. And this one is for Pauline, The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. She also has a second book out about knitting.
Your chair will also be comfy for reading.
I just started "A Single Thread" by Marie Bostwick. Seems pretty good so far.
Thanks for the great question about books to read! I've read most of the Elm Creek novels and now I have a new list of authors to look for!
I love Elm Creek so much I am re-reading them. and I do not re-read books very often. I just thought if people can re-watch movies...I can re-read books.
Was reading discussions as I am a pretty new member and noticed your reply. I have read the Elm Creek novels twice and am now reading The Lost Quilter. I read a lot---as I don`t watch TV much at all and my husband does. I don`t usually re read books but just really love these quilters and the history she includes. There is an old series of books called the Williamsburg series-by Elswyth Thane that I have read about 3 times. I really like Historical fiction and she follows generations of 2 families through the major wars. Would love to do nothing in spare time but quilt and read.


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