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I like Jennifer Chiaverini-Elm Creek Quilt novels. Books by Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter they both write about the amish way of life.
Have you read any that you would like to tell about?

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If any of you like the Emilie Richards Shenandoah Valley quilt books, then go ahead and try her new *non quilty* Happiness Key. A really good read.
Oh yes, and A Thread of Truth, the sequel to A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick is a wonderful continuation of the story. And Debbie Macomber's Twenty Wishes is a "must read" but have a box of Kleenex nearby...guarantee though that by the end you will feel uplifted and heartwarmed!!!
I have thoroughly enjoyed the Shenandoah Album series by Emilie Richards...The Wedding Ring, The Endless Chain, The Lover's Knot and Twinkling Stars....they are very nice family oriented quilt related books...My favorite is the Wedding Ring...I started the the Lover's Knot because my DH's aunt had showed me a quilt like this and I saw it on the cover and well, you know about the curiosity of a cat, well I am just plain old nosey and it just really seemed to much of a coincidence that I should find this book so soon after I had seen my first one of these quilts...I am also a big Nevada Barr fan and I love James Lee Burke's books and Lillian Jackson Braun, but I like the mysteries...have recently gotten into Earlene Fowler, and I enjoyed her books as well....Happy reading everyone, :) we can't quilt all of the time...
I like Louis Lamour books. My dad gave me all 124 paperback books that he had. I like the way the use to do things. I've been reading "twilight" too. It's a story about vampires and werewolves.. My kids got me hooked on the book and now I can't put it down..
I love the Elm Creek series books too! A friend on Facebook told me about them, I can't put them down. So I have the problem of deciding to read or quilt, because there is only so much time in the day.
Hi everyone , just thought I would let everyone know that Wanda Brunstetter has a new book out called "A Cousin's Prayer". I haven't read it yet but I am sure it is great.
Happy reading and quilting.
Here is the website for Earlene Fowler. I love her books. http://www.earlenefowler.com/ Earlene also has a quilt pattern book.

Emilie Richard's Shenandoah Album series is also very good http://emilierichards.com/richards-books.htm

Here is a list of books my book club has been reading the past several years. Most of them are quilt related but some are not. http://www.mcdiggspublishing.com/GuildGranary/bookShelf.html. They are worth checking out.
I'm not a huge Elm Creek fan (have read 2), although I love Sylvia's Sampler. I tend to read my husband's cast-offs, because he reads much faster and more often than I do, often a paperback a week. He'll put aside ones he thinks I'll like. I've read nearly all the Dune series, the original author's son (Brian Herbert) who has written a bunch of new stories I think is a better writer. I love David Gemmell - especially the Troy trilogy he wrote just before he died. I also like Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris' Adept series, and they've also done a bunch of historical fiction including some short stories about the Templars.

I also love non-fiction, mostly American history. I love reading diaries from long ago, especially Colonial - Civil War era. I wish I had the discipline to keep one of my own.
I like Debbie Macomber books, VC Andrews, Nora Roberts, Sue Harrison. and almost any western of Historical romance books. always find time to read every day ... is very calming like quilting..
Hi Pauline, I love your Collie, she/he is Beautiful. I had one like it when I was a kid way back a 100 years ago.
I also love the Elm Creek novels and the Amish books by both the authors you mentioned. I also read about the native americans and westerns with a bit of romance. Corse I think if it is western it is romantic, sorta.
The Amish books are interesting, I always learn something new about that way of life. I think they are much tougher than I as I could not live like they do. I must be too soft. Thanks for your question, it is good to hear about what others like to read other than quilting books of course.
Ruthann, have you read any of Catherin Anderson's (http://www.catherineanderson.com/books.html). She has a couple of historical romance series and they are excellent. I really like her writing.
I have read all the elm creek books and loved them. Have you read the series by Earlene Fowler? A curious quilter who has an interesting story get the books in a row or you won't follow them as well... though they are complete on their own. Benni Harper mysteries I think FOOLS PUZZLE is the first. Happy reading!


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