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I like Jennifer Chiaverini-Elm Creek Quilt novels. Books by Beverly Lewis and Wanda Brunstetter they both write about the amish way of life.
Have you read any that you would like to tell about?

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I have trouble to find books i like at the library where i live.I like family stories, a story written about early settlers to a country,love the Brunsetter and Bev.Lewis books. I have written down a list of the Elm Creek books and going to ask book shop to get the 1st one for me as library doesnt have them. I am begining to think i am a fussy reader.Sometimes have found a light novel set way back in 1800's i have enjoyed, to me books today ,well not all of them, seem to be in and out of someones bed or wording is not to my likeing if you know what i mean. Books have always been part of my life, i would say we were on the poor side as kids but didnt know it, and birthdays and Christmas girls were always two or three books which mum must have had a hard job to buy.If i got a book didnt care about anything else. Pat in New Zealand
I was wondering if anyone has an e-reader. If you do, which one do you have and what features do you like about it? What would you like to see changed? I'm seriously thinking of getting one but can't decided which brand to buy. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Janis B 

We have a nook. We have had it about a year.  At first I just didn't like the thought of not having a book in my  hand. I like the feel, smell and etc. of a real book.  But we live a little over 1 hour from a bookstore of anykind.  I am getting use the nook.   I have read a few free ebooks and they do offer some new ones every friday.  It is easy to use as I am not very computer savey. It is very easy to download books, easy to read, the font can be enlarged and barnes and noble has a friendly user website too.

I know a friend that has a kindle and she loves it.

Keep us posted what you get and if you like it.

Pauline, glad to hear you like your Nook.  My husband bought one for me for Christmas and I haven't put it down yet.  I like the free books from B&N and I have figured out how to borrow books from the library.  I can sit and read all day and late into the night so I have read many books on it and I do love it. I had been thinking about it for a long time and thought I would miss the feel of a paper book, so I bought a nice cover for it and it feels like a book.  I use the book light that I used to clip onto my paper books and just clip it onto the front of the case after I wrap it behind the Nook.

I have a friend that has a Kindle and she loves it.  My nephew is considering a Kindle but I decided on the Nook Wi-Fi as I didn't want fingerprints all over my screen with the Nookcolor touch screen.

I was wondering how many 'reading' hours you get off the battery charge.  I'm recharging my Nook about every other day.

I am not sure about the hours of battery use. My hubby and I both use it and at times we don't get to read everyday,  So we just charge it whenever we need it.  I have never checked into the  borrowing books yet.  I will soon though.  Now I want to read and not getting much quilt piecing done.. LOL
Pauline, my husband just asked me this evening if I planned on finishing a quilt for my niece 'this' year or if I was going to read all year.  The quilt he referred to has been in progress for several years now and is still undone because I had some problems with my right arm. My arm is much better but since I have  refrained from quilting to let my arm heal, I have been bitten by the reading bug.  Now I have to try and use reading as a reward so I can get back to quilting.  If I quilt xx hours a day, I can read xx hours of day.  I haven't figured out how long I'll have to quilt in order to read but I will before the end of the year.  The quilt will be done in 2010.  It top is done and is on my page, it is the Tulip quilt for Brian and Mary.  I have to say that I am more challenged by the quilting my niece wants, McTavishing, than I am at anything else.  I suppose I'll have to watch the McTavishing DVD a couple of times this week to get going on it.  In the meantime, I'll read.
YES! I've just re-read Mary Jane Auch trilogy: Journey to Nowhere; Frozen Summer & The Road to Home all based in upper NY from Conn & same family. My favorite theme, family relationships in very difficult times. There's also one called Alberta Homestead by E Roberts-1904 a Dr & family homestead in Canada from IL based on journal. There's something eternally healing about these stories with survival skills thrown in. Betty

I have just finished reading, "Daughter of Joy" by Kathleen Morgan. It was a free download from Barnes and Noble for our nook.  I just bought the other 3 in the series. They were onsale so I thought I should get them.  I am anxious to get started on them. 

I have never read any of her other books. 

I love to read  Max Lucado,,,an inspirational speaker,,,right now I am reading his book on:

  "Live to make a difference" how God can use us to make a difference on other people lives...

how many of us don't care to make a change in others.

Joanna Liguz from Ct.

I to like to read about the amish. I have most of Wanda Brunsetter's books. I think she has a new one coming out this month.


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