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Have you tried the latest "green" battings? How do you like them?

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I have not actually tried this new batting, but I have a friend who has. Her only complaint was that it tends to beard, so you especially would not want to use it on dark fabrics unless you have found a dark "green" batting.
My new favorite batting is Quilters Dream Wool. I just quilted a queen size quilt for my bf and it is wonderful. It drapes beautifuly, is soft and warm and doesn't stay creased after being folded like cotton tends to.

I haven't tried the 'green' battings but am willing to try them eventually.
This is my favorite batting as well, it is soooo luxurious! And it washes and dries beautifully.
I really want to try some of them...so far I have used a bamboo based batting. It machines up very well and has a nice 'hand' to it. Since I didn't do the actual quilting of it, I can only tell how the product looked as it was quilted. My oldest daughter used it in her first quilt for her and her husband. She used my machine (KenQuilt).

She and her hubby are really into sustainable resources, so this was their first choice. I've seen several others, and have heard nice things about them, can't wait for the new year to start so I can find a project to use my own sustainable 'green' batting!

I have used the "green" bamboo batting once and did not like it. It was so fuzzy and I had a hard time getting all the fuzz of my dark border and binding. ladyc
I've tried the PLA (corn) batt. PLA alone feels like polyester only more scratchy. It behaves as such in every way...including bearding. The batt of PLA and cotton is much nicer...if you like cotton/poly batts this is a good "green" alternative.

I've also tried the bamboo. I agree it is soft and fuzzy and seems to be everywhere. On the otherhand, it "marries" to the top and back which makes it nice for a hand project. It also has wonderful drapable qualities and has a low classic loft. I like it.

My favorite is Mountain MIst's Touch of Wool which is 95% cotton and 5% wool. It is warm, soft, drapable, classic loft, easy to needle by hand, washes VERY well in cool water and adheres gently to top and back! I'm surprised more people don't know about it!!!
i usually get whatever the quilt shop has and it is polyester quilters dream.
I hand quilt and find that Hobbs Heirloom Premium wool works wonderfully well. I have some problems with my hands and can't needle cotton at all. I also find that batiks are very hard to hand quilt, although I love them and some still sneak into my projects but not much. The wool is machine washable, I just throw the finished quilt into my machiine, wash it on gentle, into the dryer and its beautiful.
I use WARM & NATURAL batting. I machine quilt. I have taken classes, doing 100% cotton fabric, and have been told by the teacher that this Warm & Natural is the best when machine quilting. It is not as soft as some others I have used, but it is easy to work with. I have never heard of "green" batting. What is it made of?
There are several "green" (Earth Friendly) battings available and they are made out of different things. One is Quilter's Dream Green batting made from recyled plastic bottles. Fairfield has a 50% cotton/50% bamboo. There is another brand that is made from quick growing plantation trees. I'm sure there are others but those are the one's I know of.
Is wool good to use with silk? I am making a silk quilt, and wondering what type of batting to use.
My favorite batting is Hobbs Wool and I also like their silk batting. For general use projects I like the Dream Green. I don't like cotton. I hand quilt. Bamboo is a bit fuzzy, sprayed it with some cheap hair spray, like you use for the pounce chalk, and let it dry and that seems to control the fuzz till you can get the quilt sandwich made.


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