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Where are you from and how long have you been Quilting?

I live in Columbus, Ga, USA and I have been quilting for about 4 years.

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Hi. I live in Bedford, OH just SE of Cleveland. I've been quilting since the 70's and learned by watching Georgia Bonesteel, Nancy Ziemann, and Sue Hausmann on PBS. Now I quilt seriously for charities and 7 grandchildren.

I live in Sterling, VA and have been quilting since 2013. I am working on Quilt number 16. Yes, I know I am obsessed ;-)

Hard not to be, Isn't it? I lost count long time ago. I suppose I could go into my photo album and count them all but that could take forever. And there are a lot of charity ones I didn't photograph. Don't forget to journal or photograph your quilts.

Now that's a lot of quilts in a year!!!! You go girl!

I live in Sultan, wa and I've been quilting since about 2001. I am self taught by watching pbs 

Leah, that is the way I learned. But I was a seamstress and making historical costumes by then. I was a Civil War re-enactor and wanted something to  do while sitting in camp. So I watched PBS on quilting. The only difference was the once I made while re-enacting where sewn completely by hand even the seams. Took forever to make that first quilt!


my first quilt was hand sewn too. it was a sampler of six blocks. at the time I didn't have a sewing machine yet. I previously was doing crochet and hand embroidery but needed to do something new. Quilting caught my attention and I haven't looked back. The Civil war re-enactment sounds like it is fun and educational.

Yes re-enacting was fun and educational. I researched lifestyles and clothing for about 5 years. One of my college projects I wrote a booklet on what a new female re-enactor needs in her wardrobe to get started in the hobby. It went into detail on what historically correct and what was not.  I even sold several hundred copies. But finally arthritis set in and it became too difficult to camp and walk the rough terrain.


I'm from Earth, and I started quilting in 1960, although I didn't make my first quilt until 1962. Someone taught me to hand quilt, and I liked it, so I made my first quilt. Templates, scissors, hand-piecing. That was it back then. I say "Earth" because we have lived all over the world. We currently live in the mountains of Utah, until DH gets tired of skiing and dealing with the snow. Then, who knows?
Good morning! I just joined Quilt with Us. I live in southern Indiana and have been quilting for 35+ years. Looking forward to being a member.
I've been quilting since the 1980's and live in Missouri.
Live in BYU Country of Utah. I've been quilting for several years off and on. I recently picked it back up when my PTSD therapist suggested I get a hobby. It works great for Depression! I belong to a local quilting bee where I'm the only male. The others say they have husbands who like quilting too but too embarrassed to "come out" of the quilting closet. lol. Who knows maybe I can start a trend here in the great state of Utah.


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