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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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Hi, I created this thread and think it would be neat to have a thread for the USA by each state and then by other countries.

I live in Indiana. I am 52 years old and love to meet other quilters in my area.

Karen (central Indiana, USA)
Hi Karen,

Where in central Indiana? I was born in Rochester but grew up in Putnam county, near Greencastle. I moved around a lot once I married and left home but spent the majority of my adult life in Virginia. (I've lived in Kentucky, California, Maryland and Georgia) I now live in Florida- hopefully for good!

Sebastian, Florida USA

P.S. I noticed everyone is adding their ages, I am 56
Hi Karen: I live in central Indiana also. I live about 25 miles west of Indy on a farm. I am 58 and love to quilt. I belong to the Brownsburg Scrapbasket Quilters Guild. I love to shop at The Back Door in Greenwood. My husband and I have just retired and I am looking forward to more sewing time.

Clayton, Indiana
Good idea
I live in Texas and at the present, we are under a blanket of 15" of snow. I know, all the people from the north think that is usual, but here, we broke the record set in 1979. Our dogs love it and I will post pictures later. The one posted now, both dogs have sox on because we have wood floors, and the sox keep them from licking their feet. They do not wear them all the time.
Hi, Nancy.  I lived in Plano, TX when the ice storm hit in '78.  Then, I was at school in Denton in '79 when we got all that snow.  I remember it shut down our campus at NTSU.  Now, I live in WI and it is so much easier to deal with winter, but I long to live someplace warmer!
I'm 63 years old..........live just north of Kansas City, MO. Sounds like fun! Finding out it is a "small world"!
I will be 62 in 25 days and live in Springfield, Mo. My youngest daughter standing next to me in the picture was born in KC (41 years ago). My sister (also a quilter) lived in Cameron, Mo for about 14 years before moving to Neosho, Mo. What part of just North of KC do you live?
I live in Fairfax VT. and I am 59 years old Elaine S. Chi MaMa
Hi this sounds like great fun!
I am 62 and I live in upstate NY. North Chili to be on the nose and it's west of Rochester, NY......
So many times we find it is such a small world!
Hi Carol,
I'm close to your age and also live in upstate NY. I'm over more east of you closer to Oswego area. I don't like to be too specific with details on line as my children have told me to be careful-the whole world is watching..... so to speak. :-)
Hello, I am the big 50 & live in the land of Oz, Kansas. Yes, we do have tornadoes but I have not seen a good witch. I have encountered a wicked witch several times! :) I am addicted to fabric shopping. I love color!


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