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I think it would be cool to have a thread for each state in the USA and other countries, so we can find quilters in our areas.

This would be so cool. We could meet other quilters and go to quilt shops and shows together. Also could have get togethers to quilt.

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I live in Newport News, Virginia
Hi Karen....I live in  Keno,Oregon.....a transplant from calif....been sewin since i was  little...but only doing quilting about 15...but also like to x-stitch n just plain play with the machine!!!....im 59....  :)
Hi - I think this would be a great idea - how could it be done - I am from UK
i am from central Minnesota
Hi--I am fom Bellefontaine, Ohio . 70 years old and love to quilt.  I belong to a group of 8 women and we meet every two weeks to make baby quilts for charity.  This is my first time to enter a discussion.
I live  in Charlotte, North Carolina, I just moved here so would like to meet fellow quilters.
Hi - I'm in Marysville, Washington and I would really like to meet some quilters and start sewing again.  I also love to cook, hand stitchery, gardening, etc.   Please let me know if you live close to me and would like to get together.

Hello everyone, I only wish some of you wonderful quilters are in UK - USA is a little way to travel to meet up and sew (smile) - I have a few friends who like to quilt, but enjoy hearing from other people from other countries to network about our hobbie in common - we are very thin on the ground here for quilt shops, so have to travel a distance for supplies or wait until the Harrogate Show.


Keep in touch


Marianne UK


If you write a blog on the main page and ask to get response from the British quilters, I am sure you'd get a lot of response.

Or, you can browse the Quilters and check out the names that have 'UK'.  I have 3 British quilters on my personal friends list.


Regards - Aida

that is a wonderful idea I have lived here 6 years, I don't know anyone who sews, there must be someone


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