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Quilting is my comfort, my joy, my sanity (sometimes), and always my rock to lean on.
Why do you quilt???

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I quilt and sew because my brain is full of lovely ideas and fabric play allows me to let some of them out!
It seems like everywhere I goe I always see at least one idea for a quilt. I try to keep a little sketchbook with me so I can jot down whatever it is, and I have a lot of filled-up sketchbooks. Now if I'll just live long enough to do them all!!
I soooo know what your saying! Sometimes, I have more ideas then I know what to do with.!
I quilt for me! Like the saying "This I do for me!" Well, quilting does it for me, like nothing else I have ever tried creatively. Love, love, love it! Love all aspects of it, the fabric, the patterns, the creativity, & the peace it brings me inside. I only wish I had found it years ago, but maybe these past few years, plus, an empty, has become the right time for me to find it & get into it as much as my heart desires! I have always loved fabric, & sewing, & any kind of handwork, needlework, or whatever, so quilting has come pretty natural for me.
I love quilting for relaxing. I can lose myself in sewing and love when everything comes out right. I'm into paper piecing and am just amazed at the designs you can make. I love putting colors together. The brighter the better.
I think I am addicted. I love quilting. I think it is because the results do not disappear in a very short time as do the results of cleaning house or cooking. I can look back and say "this I have accomplished". As others have said, I love the colors and the wonderful possibilities that open up with each quilt I start. Hopefully, I will be able to continue for many years to come.
I've always loved patchwork and applique. I did a lot of appliqued pillow cases while I was in hs and college. Then when I arrived here in the US, I learned to quilt. I quilt because...I love the creativity part of it, and having that nice feeling when I see the finished project. I quilt to relieve stress, the hours I spend in my sewing room help me re-connect with the outside world and be a 'human being' again, as my daughter used to say.
I quilt to lose myself, I forget the problems and the worries of the world lol and the family issues going on when I am quilting or sewing anything. I am into applique and patchwork. I found the accomplishment is quite gratifying when completed, and I have a very dear husband who loves to see the blocks come together and then never wants me to give them for gifts. I love trying new patterns and techniques. I love the solitude and peace I get from quilting
WHY I QUILT the many reasons why I begin quilting-has only been about a year ago- am getting better,
is I used to sew dresses for my daughter when she was young, did crocheting of barbie doll clothes, made cabbage patch doll clothes sewed, even attempted embordiery on pillowcases and dresser scarves, painted saw blades, pails, etc. I tried Scrapbooking, hated it, so kept lokking in the craft sections of Walmart, etc and kept getting these fabric booklets in the mail, and watched a few craft shows about sewing your own clothes, making quilts, watching Sewing with Nancy and she had made a landscape wallhanging, so made a few, was fun. but then kept looking at all the beautiful and unusual fabrics all over.
decided you could not make a piece of clothing to wear with some of them and decided to try my hand at a quilt, as there are no rules as to what pattern, what fabric, what color, what size to make one, the sky is the limit, also decided would keep me occupied for a time desining an idea for one and would make a very nice warm gift for anyone, whether man, child, relative, friend, etc.. also you never seem to run out of people to give one to, or sell it if nothing else.
so those are some reasons I have decided to Quilt, some days am not intrested in doing it, but hey, that is the way of a creative person, when the mood hits, start cutting, drawing, sewing, shopiing, etc..
Its a creative outlet, produces a useful item (have too much clutter so not adding to it by making floofloo stuff), connects me with my ancestors, gives me a sense of accomplishment, helps me make friends, and will leave lasting quilts and memories to my progeny.
This is going to be a little weird, but when I graduated from college I used to be a computer programmer. I actually liked creating something of value purely out of my own intellect. As I progressed in my career, I got into different jobs, like systems analysis, business analysis, and then management of software design efforts. I got away from creating and am now stuck in what is more or less, adult babysitting. Not exactly satisfying my need to create. I was always interested in sewing and took many classes in high school outside the requisite Home Ec classes. Back in 1994, I took one class as my LQS and I was hooked. It satisfies my need to create something, it takes my mind off the stress of work, and it's great to have something to give to people. I have a tendency to give them all away!
I quilt to fill up my life with comfort and healing and when I give a quilt I hope that it helps to heal and comfort that person, and to let that person know they have a safe place to be, when they are under it. Quilts are private hugs between the giver and the recipient. Fabric has such a way of sootheing a person's heart and soul, and putting colors together to come up with your own creation, a one of a kind, God bless all of the healers and comforters, the world needs us.


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