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Quilting is my comfort, my joy, my sanity (sometimes), and always my rock to lean on.
Why do you quilt???

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I couldn't have said it better myself!
l quilt because it brightens up my day, relaxes me gives me an insentive to be an artist which l am not because l cannot draw very good and being retired gets me through the day with the planning and l am not bored at all in fact l don't seem to have enought time to do what l want in a day
This is such a great question, Annie.

I started quilting when problems with my hands slowed down my knitting. Before then I would just smile politely if someone showed me their newly finished quilts. I didn't get why anybody would want to worry about precision and quarter inch seams at first but I had a lot of fun amassing a fabric stash, sewing machines, sergers (hey, why not make some clothes while I'm at the quilting thing?), books and even an air brush.

One day in the midst of buying my way into the quilting habit it clicked: as with knitting, the possibilities are limited only by my expertise or willingness. And, that is why I quilt.
Quilting is my therapy. I can go into my sewing room and watch the kids at the grade school across the street playing and know the world will go on no matter what, It is also my way of doing charity work. I was a field tax collector for the state of Oregon for 25 years and have become quite antisocial in my retirement. I can make warm quilts out of "found and garage sale fabric and give them to the homeless. Most of them end up under a bridge somewhere and the old double knits and twills last a lot longer that cottons. I also make quilts for kids, for the Salvation Army and Fire and Police Depts. Those are a lot more fun, because I can make them cute and use fun fabrics. We also have a big family so making wedding and baby and graduation quilts keeps me really busy.
I quilt because I love to do things with my hands, quilting, knitting, spinning are my vices, and I love to do them all! Quilting is almost instant gratification for me, and I am in with both hands!!


I quilt because I love too. I love going to my sewing room by myself (with a periodic visit from one of my twin granddaughters LOL) and working on something and relaxing and enjoying the end results.

Quilting is my creative outlet. I've always enjoyed doing crafty things, quilting allows me to use all those beautiful fabrics I've always loved! It is also a comfort and a stress relief. Of course the bonus is you end up with a beautiful practical gift to grace your home or a loved ones.

I quilt for many reasons

It is a creative outlet for me, both my Grandmother and Father were painters,but I did not inheiret the talent of being able to see something and then have the ability to paint it.But I did inheriet color sense, when I am putting fabrics together,most people say," Oh interesting choice:,which we all know translates to",OMG, yuch!",untill the quilt is pieced and then it is,"Oh how beautiful and striking.

It also  gives a sense of accomplishment, at the end of the day I can see what I have done.

It can also be a comfort,when I was going through a very difficult divorce, My BFF,told me to make a quilt just for me.Pick out the colors that I like,pick out a pattern that I love and make a present for myself!

It also a declaration of love, I only give one to people who mean a lot to me.And hopefully they appreciate the meaning.


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